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Hung Won Seafood Restaurant

Digest Step Up to the Plate

July 26, 2015

Story By: Abby Sadoy | Photos by: Bodie Collins


If you’re ever driving down Waialae Avenue, cruise on down just past 8th Avenue, where you’ll find delectable dishes sure to rattle your taste buds. Hung Won Seafood Restaurant offers a colossal menu fit for anyone hankering for the best in Chinese cuisine.


The Kaimuki eatery offers many diverse plates, one of which is HuNan Style Lamb ($12.95). According to co-owner and manager Kevin Li, “It’s something that’s unique in our restaurant.” Named and inspired after a province in China, this dish packs a load of flavors created from a wide variety of ingredients. Diners get an intoxicating blend of sweet and spicy, without ever being overwhelmed by gamy flavors. Customers can have the dish served family style or in a plate lunch — a win-win situation for your stomach and your wallet.

The night before it is served, the lamb is marinated in a mixture of sesame oil, pepper, egg, salt and the restaurant’s homemade sauce, before being sliced and mixed in the stir-fry.

Red bell peppers add a touch of color and sweetness to the flavors.

Other ingredients such as black beans, fresh leeks and chopped garlic are added to this perfect concoction.

All ingredients are fresh and local.

The red chili pepper provides an extra “kick” in every succulent bite.

Hung Won Seafood Restaurant

3434 Waialae Ave., Kaimuki (Between 8th and 9th avenues)
Daily, 10 a.m.–9 p.m.

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