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‘Won’ over by authentic Chinese temptations

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May 26, 2015

Story By: Andy Beth Miller | Photos by: Lawrence Tabudlo

Hankering after a taste of traditional Chinese cuisine? Hung Won Seafood on Waialae Avenue has just what you are seeking. Here, co-owner and general manager Kevin Li shares a handful of delectable sensations the Kaimuki eatery is dishing up this week.

Patrons desiring a good deal of vegetables, without having to sacrifice sufficient protein, need look no further than Hung Won’s Lap Cheong with String Bean ($9.95). A new menu item, this dish features the unique and savory Chinese sausage flavored with oyster sauce, lightly seasoned and paired with a veggie mix of mushroom, carrot, string bean and onion.

Beef with Suan Cai ($9.95) brings a delicious entree emblematic of tradition and taste to the table. Also known as sweet-andsour mustard cabbage, suan cai is a Chinese staple, and “very popular with our first- and second-generation customers, especially,” explains Li.

The delectable dish is the mouthwatering result of a meticulous process, which according to Li, begins with a special homemade sweetand- sour cabbage that takes a few days of preparation before it is ready. “We marinate the fresh cabbage first in our sauce, and then chop it, fry it with the beef and add a touch of shoyu and seasoning,” he says, continuing to describe it as “a dish that is really refreshing and a lot of people’s favorite.”

And although some like it hot, others prefer to keep things deliciously cool. Hung Won Seafood caters to these chilled-out connoisseurs with its Char Siu and Cold Ginger Chicken on White Rice ($10.95). Selfexplanatory ingredients of savory char siu, a heaping serving of cold ginger chicken and a mountain of white rice make up the dish. As the restaurant is known for its signature — and succulent — roasted meat, Li explains how this is a perfect pick. “It’s a great combination, offering everything you could want on one plate, and in a large portion that’s enough to share.”

With complimentary parking on-site and friendly customer service to boot, Hung Won Seafood is a sure bet for your next lunch or supper.

Hung Won Seafood

3434 Waialae Ave., Kaimuki (Between 8th and 9th avenues)


Daily, 10 a.m.-9 p.m.

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