Wagyu beef: It’s what’s for dinner

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February 15, 2015

Story By: Andy Beth Miller |

One can’t make a trip to any local Oahu supermarket these days without being welcomed by the sight of a whole savory selection of Redondo’s brand name favorites in the meat aisle. Starting out as a relatively small food processing company in 1949, Redondo’s has seen great success, becoming a trusted household name for providing the highest quality of choice meats, including local favorites such as Hawaiian Winners, Hawaiian-style beef jerky (pipikaula) and Portuguese sausage.

But what many may not know, is that the beloved Redondo’s label also appears on the menu at a myriad of Hawaii restaurants, including the popular Japanese eatery Rinka located on Kapiolani Boulevard. By supplying these eateries with a variety of high quality products, the brand enables its restaurant clientele to satisfy the connoisseur palates of customers, as well as inspire their own staff of chefs to create more delicious and diversified menu offerings.

One such offering that Redondo’s is proud to provide is its Wagyu Beef. This select meat, taken exclusively from the Wagyu cattle of Japan, is known for its marbling characteristics, mouthwatering naturally enhanced flavor, tenderness and juiciness. Arguably the finest beef in the world, Wagyu is not only sought after for its impeccable taste, but also for its higher percentages of both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids — two super nutrients noted as being health powerhouses.

Redondo’s president Hitoshi Okada explains that what really sets its Wagyu apart is that “the company has a direct partnership with a sister company in Japan, where the beef comes directly from.” This means that the Wagyu Redondo’s clients will enjoy has been tested by the strictest standards of Japan’s registration system, known for its impeccable guidelines, ensuring only the highest pedigree of Wagyu will literally make the cut.

Having the direct tie to the Japanese supplier also allows Redondo’s to keep costs down for its restaurant clients, and in turn, us as diners. “Our goal is to introduce this higher quality of beef to restaurants and increase menu selection, while keeping costs down,” reiterates Okada.

For more information, visit redondos.com.


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