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December 14, 2014

Story By: Phoebe Neel |

This holiday season, NH Foods of Japan and Redondo’s of Hawaii are making sure that kamaaina are up-to-date with the latest sausage trends by bringing the explosively “snap-licious” Schauessen to Hawaii. Traditional Redondo’s sausages are everywhere in Hawaii, appearing in lunchboxes and on restaurant tables all over the island.

“Redondo’s is as iconic as the shaka,” says Mari Miyoshi, local sausage connossieur.

Soon, Mainlanders will be able to have a taste of the Islands, as Redondo’s begins distribution of its arabiki and Portuguese sausage throughout the U.S. East Coast next year.

The big waves in the Hawaiian sausage world are because of the arrival of Schauessen, a German-style, all-natural sausage. While most sausages have a collagen casing, Schauessen features a premium lamb casing that showcases its distinctive texture when snapped in half. Also, unlike many other sausages on the market, the 100 percent pork filling is naturally smoked, with no MSG.

“It’s delicious by itself as a pupu, prepared in ramen or washed down with beer,” says Redondo’s Hitoshi Okada.

Redondo’s isn’t just a ubiquitous Hawaiian sausage company, but also is proud to be a mainstay local manufacturer and employer.

“It’s very hard to survive as a manufacturer in Hawaii,” explains Okada. “Because of the cost of raw materials and space, everyone is giving up on making production in the Islands, and instead is asking Mainland companies to make their products — just using the local brand. But Redondo’s is committed to staying in Hawaii.”

The launch of a locally operated smokehouse, which will naturally smoke sausages right here at home, is on the horizon. Rumor has it that a new, naturally smoked bacon also is in the works, with slices smoked individually for maximum flavor.

In the meantime, we might convince our friends and families to make Schauessen the new Yuletide tradition.

Photos courtesy of Redondos

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