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November 16, 2014

Story By: Phoebe Neel |

Morsels of smoky deliciousness

Redondo’s Sausage is locally known for its island favorites and its arabiki sausage, but you may have noticed a new, German-style sausage bearing its brand on the shelves. Schauessen is the newest member of the Redondo’s lineup — an all-pork sausage that’s wildly popular in Japan, and has just recently been introduced for the first time in Hawaii.

“Two minutes is all it takes to boil to perfection,” says Hitoshi Okada, a 19-year veteran of Redondo’s. “Schauessen is good in ramen, it’s good on its own. It also makes a great pupu for Thanksgiving or holiday parties.”

Unlike other sausage varieties, which may use collagen casing, Schauessen features all-natural sheep casing, which gives it a characteristic “snap” when bitten or broken in half.

“Using sheep casing is the most difficult way of producing sausage, and it takes the longest time,” explains Okada. “However, we believe the sausage makes up for it with its high quality.”

Committed to providing the best natural alternatives to the local market, Schauessen contains no MSG, and uses all-natural smoke in lieu of commercial liquid smoke.

In order to produce naturally smoked products such as Schauessen, Redondo’s constructed a new smoke-house alongside its Waipahu manufacturing facilities. An experimental blend of burnt Hawaiian wood chips and monkey pod gives Schauessen a characteristic smoky flavor.

And Schauessen isn’t the only item that smokes out the competition: Rumor has it that a new variety of Redondo’s smoked bacon is in the works, and could be released within a few months. Redondo’s intends to slice and smoke the strips individually, to allow for extraordinary depth of flavor. Stay tuned for that, but in the meantime, you can sample its Schauessen sausages in select grocery stores and restaurants.

Photos courtesy of Redondo’s Sausage

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