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October 12, 2014

Story By: Phoebe Neel |

Island sausage company introduces German-style bratwurst

If you’re biting into a sausage at a barbecue or in a restaurant in Hawaii, chances are good that you’re enjoying the work of Redondo’s. This food processing company began in 1949, from humble beginnings in Kapahulu, and went on to become the state’s largest sausage company. Redondo’s prides itself on its staunch commitment to Hawaiian food culture and local production, and its Waipahu processing location supports 50 local jobs here on Oahu. Its rendition of island favorites, such as Hawaiian Winners, Hawaiian-style beef jerky (pipikaula) and Portuguese sausage are particularly beloved among locals. Now, Redondo’s is proud to introduce a new item to Hawaii — German-style sausage known as Schau Essen — to add to its longstanding local culture of sausages and smoked meats.

“Our mission at Redondo’s is twofold,” says Hitoshi Okada, a 19-year veteran of Redondo’s. “We want to preserve traditional food, such as pipikaula and Portuguese sausage, in Hawaii. However, we also want to enrich the food culture by introducing new types of products from other cultures.”

Schau Essen is a naturally smoked, coarse ground pork bratwurst inspired by traditional German craftsmanship. Packed in sheep casing, the sausage gives a satisfying “snap!” when broken. Schau Essen has been wildly successful since its introduction in Japan in 1985, and enough has been sold there since its release, to circle the earth 63 times over. Redondo’s recently released the sausage, available for a limited time, in local markets including Foodland, Times and Don Quijote, giving islanders a taste of Schau Essen for the first time. Okada says he “sincerely hopes that people will enjoy the chance to experience this particular sausage, and also incorporate it into Hawaii’s local flair in their own way.”

For more information, visit redondos.com.

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