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Digest Step Up to the Plate

December 15, 2013

Story By: Andy Beth Miller | Photos by: Leah Friel


Jade Dynasty is dishing out some to-die-for seafood fare this season. Already known for its classic Chinese food and dim sum menu, the restaurant is proudly rockin’ out the “reel-y” good stuff from the sea this holiday.

Wading through the water and straight to your plate, this month, Jade Dynasty presents its perfectly seasoned house special: Imperial Garlic Crab.

General manager Gary Chan describes how, “Our chef traveled all the way to Hong Kong where he studied and was trained by masters at a restaurant famous for this very dish. We have modified it from the super spicy original and created a milder version by mixing in the egg — and the green pepper especially.”

Garlic, the signature spice that dazzles in this dish, is first roasted and then ground into a perfect puree before it’s incorporated into the meal — infusing it with an intense depth of flavor and a slightly snappy kick.

Enough to share, this dish features a show-stopping Dungeness crab — quick fried — then mixed with a mouthwatering blend of Chinese black beans, minced pork, roasted garlic, chili peppers and green onions. The piece-de-resistance is a sliced egg perched atop the entree.

The word “imperial” literally means “of superior size or excellence,” and when it comes to this dish, the moniker is literally made-to-order with the Dungeness crab weight packing a mean 2-pound punch!

The Dungeness crab gets its name from the town of Dungeness, Wash., as it was the site of the very first commercial crab harvesting. Known for its delicate texture and slightly sweet flavor, this seafood treat truly is a royal treasure.

“Last week we had a party of 300 people and we served this dish,” says Chan. “It got such rave reviews that we decided to feature it this month as our seasonal special.”

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