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March 3, 2013

Story By: Alana Folen | Photos by: Leah Friel


Specializing in freshly made bentos, Mamaya’s new Pearl Kai location offers tasty, local Japanese fare that is perfect for those on the go. The eatery’s conveniently packed meals, which include the Miso Butterfish Combo Bento, are prepared in advance and always ready to be enjoyed. Mamaya also offers an impressive deli station, which allows patrons to customize bentos to their specific tastes.

Operations manager Monette Lastino calls the Miso Butterfish Combo Bento “a best-seller” and takes pride in the authenticity of the product.

Tamago (sweet egg), Kiriboshi Daikon, Tsubosuke and Hijiki are sumptuous sides that accompany the bento.

Tsubosuke features pickled daikon and Kiriboshi Daikon is a shredded daikon paired with slivers of carrot. Hijiki evokes flavors of the sea, as its seaweed is laced with shredded soy beans and green peas. The majority of these side dishes are shipped in directly from Japan.

Not your ordinary rice found in a typical bento, this multi-grain rice contains many vitamins, minerals, fibers and other nutrients, which are often lacking in a regular diet. The multi-grain rice includes whole oats, red rice, rye berries, short grain brown rice, hulless barley, bamboo rice and more.

Mamaya obtains its butterfish from a local vendor, and it’s nothing short of amazing. The tender fish is marinated overnight in a house-made miso recipe prior to being grilled and broiled to perfection.

A morsel of teriyaki hot dog brings an island flair to the bento, as it’s purchased locally from Redondo’s.

Another restaurant staple, Mochiko Chicken, is made in-house and marinated overnight in Mamaya’s very own mochiko mix and special sauce. Its meaty interior remains tender, while its deep-fried exterior is worth every bit of indulgence.


Pearl Kai Shopping Center
98-199 Kamehameha Hwy., Aiea
Monday-Friday, 9:30 a.m.-8:30 p.m.
Saturday, 10 a.m.-8:30 p.m.
Sunday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Aiea, HI 96701

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