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Foodie Fare

August 25, 2015

Discover the lesser-known joys of authentic Lao cuisine

Southeast Asia long has been a popular tourist destination — and I would presume that the region’s food plays a big role in that. But even if you can’t make it there for a vacation any time soon, you can go visit Thai Lao Restaurant. The eatery was created by Victor Chaleunxay, who is originally…

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Fortune favors these bold Chinese flavors

There might be a lot of Chinese eateries around town, but the newly opened Good Fortune stands out from the moment you walk in the door: White table cloths, a clean dining room and a friendly server greet you. Plus, is there even such a thing as too much Chinese food? Not as far as…

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August 9, 2015

Southern seafood tradition washes ashore in Kaneohe

Popular in the South and on the East Coast, seafood boils feature a variety of shell-fish and other types of seafood cooked all together in a heaping pot. That sounds like pretty much the best thing ever, right? So why should Hawaii have to miss out? Well, now it doesn’t have to, thanks to Cajun…

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August 2, 2015

A new style of yakiniku emerges

There are plenty of aspiring restauranteurs who strive to open their very own eateries, but here’s someone who followed a different path: Hajime Saito, the force behind Japanese B.B.Q. Yoshi, actually was asked by an investor to start the culinary venture. The investor had been so impressed with Saito’s work that he wanted him to…

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July 26, 2015

GRYLT expands with new locale

GRYLT’s healthy and delicious food was in such high demand that the local string of eateries had to open another location in Kailua. The venue, which opened in April, is GRYLT’s fourth and has been getting a warm welcome from its new neighborhood. “A lot of customers would ask us when we were going to…

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July 19, 2015

There’s no match for Minamoto’s treats

There is something about Japanese sweets. Compared with their American counterparts, they tend to be lighter and not so overly sweet. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they often are presented in a way that almost makes you not want to eat them at all. To get your fix without hopping on a plane, there’s Minamoto…

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Where happiness is a warm dim sum

Obviously, there are many Chinese eateries through out the island. But what sets Happy Days Chinese Seafood Restaurant apart is right there in its name. “People gather here and get their whole family together. Everyone is so happy,” says owner Lisa Lum. “Our customers are just like family — they always come back,” she adds….

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July 5, 2015

A different approach to Japanese fare

Named after a castle in Hiroshima, Japan, Rijo Restaurant seeks to bring contemporary, elevated Japanese cuisine to the Islands. “Our chef takes traditional Japanese dishes and infuses local ingredients, along with international cooking styles, to produce a unique and flavorful variety of dishes,” says manager Kelvin Nakahata. “(Chef Yao) has many years of cooking experience…

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June 28, 2015

High-quality food with a tip-top view

With a name like Sarento’s At The Top of the “I,” located at the Ilikai Hotel, you go in there expecting a good view. But nothing really can prepare you for the breathtaking panorama overlooking the ocean on one side, and into the mountains on the other. So, what better setting to indulge in dishes…

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June 21, 2015

Get your fill of savory dishes, buffet items

I’ve never really understood that saying about how you get full an hour after eating Chinese food, especially after tasting the satisfying dishes and hearty portions served up on Royal Palace Chinese Restaurant’s menu and popular buffet. Dishes include a heaping plate of Orange Chicken for just $8.95, with boneless chicken that has been deep-fried…

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