Ramen shop serves up balance of flavors

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April 22, 2018

Story By: Elima Pangorang | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Manichi Special Shibori ($13.25)

Manichi Ramen, an izakaya eatery nestled in the strip mall across the way from Ala Moana Center, stands ready to serve its guests with savory eats paired with fitting, refreshing beverages — like a variety of Japanese beers.

A lot of the goodies found on Manichi’s menu are the perfect balance of portion and taste. Store manager Chris Jon mentions that at Manichi, they do not like to make the dishes too overwhelming so that guests may enjoy a drink, or whatever they choose, too.

Wasabi Pork Kakuni ($7.95)

“Sometimes in other places the food is too filling, so I like to make the dishes so that (customers) can have a beer or two,” says Jon. “We also have a good happy hour and the beers we have, like Kirin, pair well with our dishes.”

Wasabi Pork Kakuni ($7.95) is a perfect example of a dish that is just the right amount to have as a side or as an appetizer.

Spinach Salad with Poached Egg ($9.95)

These truly tender cuts of pork belly fall apart at the slightest poke of a fork. Even if you opt to use hashi (chopsticks), the meat separates from itself with no hassle. Lighting up the dish is wasabi, chopped up fresh from the root and mixed with green onion. The result is an amazing experience of lightly marinated meat countered with the fresh greens on top that also have a tiny kick of wasabi spice, but not so much for it to burn.

Another nice starter is Manichi’s unique Spinach Salad with Poached Egg ($9.95) that is drizzled with a house (wafu) dressing that combines perfectly with the oozing yolk of the poached egg. Furthermore, crisp garlic chips add an extra boost of flavor and texture.

And, of course, a visit to a ramen shop is not complete without a big bowl of noodle soup. Among its most popular ramens is Manichi Special Shibori ($13.25) that comes with yummy favorites, including spicy ground pork that makes this dish really pop.

Drop in to Manichi’s welcoming Japanese-themed establishment and be treated to delectable fare and superb customer service.

Honolulu, HI 96814

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