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Chef Chai

Digging Up Delicious Lemon Grass

One of the culinary world’s most mysterious ingredients, lemon grass is much like an invisible miracle worker — rarely seen, but always putting its magic touch on food with a whimsical stroke of refreshing flavor. The tropical herb is often left out of the final presentation of entrees — as its fibrous stalk is too…

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August 30, 2015

Early Birds Fly High at Chef Chai

Chai Chaowasaree, owner and head chef at Chef Chai, is going against the grain by presenting food that is not only delicious and delectable, but also healthy. Even his actual grains are healthier than what you’d find at most restaurants, and his Steamed Coconut Milk Ginger Brown Rice comes from Thailand and is high in…

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July 19, 2015

Award-winning menu continues to gain recognition

Named one of the hottest restaurants in Hawaii by Zagat, Chef Chai offers exquisite Asian fusion cuisine in an elegant, modern and contemporary setting. From the stylish interior and exterior designs to the quality food and service, owner and chef Chai Chaowasaree tends to every detail of his restaurant, assuring a truly exceptional dining experience…

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May 19, 2015

Where cuisine tastes as good as it looks

An elegant world away from the whirlwind pace of pedestrian Honolulu, Chef Chai transports its patrons through the magic of taste, featuring five-star cuisine and a style-savvy ambiance that exudes effortless chic. Ever the gracious host, owner and chef Chai Chaowasaree welcomed Dining Out into his upscale establishment with a kind hug and welcoming smile…

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April 12, 2015

Chef Chai Explores the Depths of Culinary Creativity

There’s a certain atmosphere at Chef Chai, which sets the tone for what’s ahead. The ambiance at Chef Chai, located at Pacifica Honolulu on Kapiolani Boulevard, is one that’s elegant yet comfortable and convivial. And under owner and chef Chai Chaowasaree’s discerning eye, there is no detail that goes unnoticed. It’s Chaowasaree, for instance, who…

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March 1, 2015 ,

A Heavenly Take on Hamakua Mushrooms

Neither fruit, vegetable nor plant, mushrooms are a delicious type of fungus. Please, don’t be put off by that “fungus among us” notion though, because mushrooms deserve all the attention, for obvious reasons. The health benefits of this fungus are substantial, as they’re packed with antioxidants and vitamins. I always have been obsessed with mushrooms,…

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Let’s Hear it for the Ducks!

The aloha spirit will surge across the nation tomorrow, as we cheer on University of Oregon Ducks as they go head-to-head against Ohio State Buckeyes in the college football national championship game in Arlington, Texas. This hotly-contended nail-biter is expected to spike TV ratings, and all hopefully will witness Hawaii’s own Marcus Mariota, star quarterback…

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December 7, 2014

Making Christmas Merry

Every December, Chai Chaowasaree spends his workday making sure everything from the atmosphere to the food is perfect at his namesake restaurant Chef Chai, located on the ground level of Pacifica Honolulu on Kapiolani Boulevard. Enter the 4,100-square-foot establishment, and along with Swarovski crystal pendants, glass bubbles and chandeliers, you’ll be greeted by a giant…

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November 16, 2014 ,

Know That Ginger is All I Need

Since I’m open and honest with you, my OYK readers, I’ll fill you in on a little-known secret. I’m a “wannabe” pop star, who sings and dances around the house to my favorite jams at full blast. Embarrassingly enough, I don’t hold back. I’m a total diva (in my head, definitely not in reality). Recently,…

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October 26, 2014

Chef Chai

TAKE A CLOSER LOOK AT THIS WEEK’S HOUSE SPECIAL: Oxtail a la Chai with Lemongrass Broth and Chinese Celery ($29 regular price, $15 during happy hour at the bar) You could say that for celebrity chef Chai Chaowasaree, his passion for cooking was instilled in him from an early age. Growing up in Bangkok, Thailand,…

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