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July 23, 2023

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Pra Lad Pik: Crispy whole fish with your choice of sauce (chile ginger sauce and scallions, or spicy Thai chile lime sauce)

Chai Chaowasaree, the state’s only Thai-trained chef, has been creating wonderful dishes for 30-plus years. His namesake restaurant features Asian fusion cuisine, and for a limited time will offer a course menu showcasing popular dishes in Thai cuisine. Expect kai satay (aka chicken satay), po pia tod (spring rolls), som tum (green papaya salad), tom kah kai (lemongrass soup), pra lad pik (crispy whole snapper), pad thai koong, and khau neou mamoung (sticky rice dessert).

Khao Neou Mamoung: Thai sticky rice with coconut milk and sweet mango

Chef Chai’s Special Childhood Menu is for parties of two or more, and runs July 26-30 with two seatings (5 p.m. or before; or 7 p.m. and after). The cost is $67 per person for the family-style meal. Call 808-585-0011 or visit chefchai.com for reservations.

Photos courtesy Chef Chai

Som Tum: Shredded green papaya salad with garlic tamarind dressing, dried shrimp, long beans, tomato and shrimp chips

Pad Thai Koong: With shrimp, chicken, tofu, bean sprouts, chives and chopped peanuts

Kay Satay: Chicken tenderloin satay with Thai peanut sauce, cucumber salad and Asian flat bread

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