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1. Sealed popcorn cups (four cups for $14)
2. Three XL Bags ($48)
3. (From left) Sealed popcorn cups (four cups for $14), XL Bag (three for $48) and assorted flavor popcorn lei ($15 each)
popped in 100% coconut oil, keep the buttered popcorn organic and use only local Hawaiian sea salt. We don’t take shortcuts or skimp on the good stuff.”
The business is located at 1549 Colburn St. in Kalihi, right behind the Dillingham O’Reilly Auto Parts with ample free parking right in front of the shop for customers — just look for the big red “Popcorn” flag.
When Tournis-Vagenas and her husband moved to Hawaii from Chicago a decade ago, a kernel of the Windy City was missing.Tournis-Vagenas was craving Garrett’s Popcorn,
hand-crafted Chicago-style popcorn that is famous for its caramel and cheese mix. The blend of tangy cheese and rich caramel popcorn and its familiar sweet aroma helped inspire Island Popper Gour- met Popcorn, which opened its brick-and-mortar location in July 2019.
Customers can look for- ward to Island Popper’s “Mac Nut Caramel” just in time for Father’s Day, and “Cracker Jack” just because! More new flavors to keep an eye out for are “Ume Shiso” and “Garden Salsa.”
Follow Island Popper on Instagram (@islandpopper) and join the mailing list to find out about the latest weekly featured flavors. Also, text “POPCORN8” to 578- 277 to stay informed about what’s popping! There will
be a flavor suggestion box in the store and online, so be sure to pop by and drop in creative ideas.
“Our customers truly are the best and make my day every day!” Tournis-Vage- nas says. “We look forward to serving more ‘aloha’ and popcorn. Without you shar- ing our popcorn with your friends and family — and, of course, enjoying it yourself — we wouldn’t be here!”
Island Popper
1549 Colburn St., Honolulu 808-888-0101 (in-shop orders) and islandpopper. com (orders to be shipped) Contact for hours
Dining Out
/ May 14-20, 2023
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