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       Chef/owner Taiki Kawai shows off some of Akira Japanese Restaurant’s popular offerings.
 Akira Japanese Restaurant contin- ues to bolster its
stellar reputation by offering an array of delicious Japa- nese dishes, whether diners are seeking a quick meal to go, or making plans to dine in for lunch or dinner.
Chef and owner Taiki Kawai and his team prepare traditional Japanese cuisine featuring local ingredients made meticulously to order. Kawai specializes in the “Kai- seki style” of Japanese cook- ing that incorporates small course meals infused with the freshest ingredients, which results in exquisite flavor, beautiful presentation and a memorable “spirit.”
Situated conveniently in the Eleven50 Building on King Street (the parking en- trance is on Young Street), Akira Japanese Restaurant is easily accessible for those stopping by for a dine-in meal, or to pick up tasty to- go items to enjoy later. Akira Japanese Restaurant serves as the perfect destination for
a pau hana get-together, or a delicious lunch or dinner with family and friends.
Katsura (Aku) Sashimi ($16) is a popular starter and offers a fresh take on the skipjack tuna as the deep red fish offers a high fat content; its peak season of availability runs from April through Sep- tember, so now is a great time
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