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Restaurant Insider with Anne Lee
  Signature at The Kahala
5000 Kahala Ave., Honolulu 8 a.m.-5 p.m. daily 808-739-8862
Signature by The Kahala
The Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center
2301 Kalakaua Ave. Ste. C112, Honolulu
10 a.m.-9 p.m. daily
     items, including the limited-edi- tion macadamia nuts, that will be unveiled at the grand opening.
AL: Monji, how did this come about?
MM: I realized that there were people coming from all over to purchase our signature macada- mia nuts, and they were not even staying with us at the resort. They came from other resorts all over the island. Out of necessity, we wanted to be able to bring our products outside of our four walls.
In April 2019, we had our Signa- ture macadamia line in Blooming- dale’s, and just about a year ago, we launched it at Neiman Marcus.
Based on the response from these partnerships, the idea of opening an additional retail store was born.
AL: What are the food items that will be available for purchase? MM: We have three signature teas ($35 for 2.5 ounces) that we serve at our restaurants and at our Afternoon Tea. The first is Hukilau. The hotel was known for
its hukilau that brought the com- munity together to celebrate the bountiful provision of the ocean. This black tea represents the land and the blue cornflower signifies the ocean. The nine ingredients remind us of the many blessings that the ocean provides.
Next is Lilikoi Cacao. Sustain- ability is a core value at The Kaha- la. As the Japanese say, mottainai — don’t waste what is valuable. Cacao shells leftover from the pro- cess of making chocolate here in Hawaii are given a new purpose and bring a luxurious chocolate aroma to this black tea, perfectly complemented by tangy, sweet lilikoi.
Lastly, we have Kuuipo. Many come to The Kahala to get married and celebrate an anniversary. Fall in love with this “sweetheart” that marries bergamot, locally grown lavender and roses on a backdrop of black tea.
Meanwhile, the Thin & Delicate Pancake Mix ($18 for 10 ounces) is a favorite among our guests and also was one of the late Danny Ka- leikini’s favorites. This makes ap-
proximately 16 pancakes per bag. Our famous Chocolate Maca- damia Nuts are made fresh daily. What makes our Hawaiian maca- damia nuts so special is the way they are sourced. We go to spe- cific farms on the Big Island, and it’s double roasted and combined with the highest quality tempered chocolate. It’s a unique formula that we follow to the tee. Our sig- nature flavors are dark, milk and white chocolate; blonde; or a se- lection of all four in the 1-pound
box only.
The red ribbon boxes ($32-$75)
are limited edition and include seven flavors of mac nuts: lilikoi, matcha coconut, guava strawber- ry, ube, pineapple, mango, and our first savory line, Hawaiian BBQ.
In 2019, we launched The Ka- hala Signature Coffee, crafted in partnership with Kona Coffee Pur- veyors. The all-Hawaiian blend is full-bodied with notes of tropical fruit, kiawe blossom, peanut butter and caramel. They include Signa- ture Blend ($42), Hawaiian Nights ($24), Honolulu Sunrise ($28) and 100% Kona ($55).
New to our Signature line is The Kahala Fruit Jewels ($26 for 12 count), which is like a gummy candy but made with local fruit from Maui.
“Kahala Fruit Cookies” ($58 for 24 count; $65 for 36 count) is in- fused with our fruit jewels in six flavors.
For the Kahala Signature Co- conut Shortbread Cookies, each one is nestled in our specialty chocolate from France — the same chocolate we use to dip our macadamia nuts in. It’s a definite must for the coconut connoisseur, and available in white, milk, dark chocolate, or traditional plain. Fla- vors include plain coconut short- bread cookies ($42 for 16), choc- olate coconut shortbread cookies ($48 for 16) and assorted coconut shortbread cookies ($55 for 20).
AL: Anything else you want to share?
MM: We are a destination with- in a destination, whether it’s the restaurants, the spa or the exer- cise/fitness classes. By opening the retail store, we can bring more
Instagram: @signaturebythekahala @signatureatthekahala_jp
1-5. The Kahala Resort & Hotel’s retail stores, Signature at The Kahala and Signature by The Kahala, sell everything from its famous macadamia nuts and cookies to pancake mix and tea.
brand awareness. When you see The Kahala flower, what that ex- emplifies is luxury from the pack- aging on the outside and quality and deliciousness on the inside. By offering these types of local food products, we can work with local purveyors and farmers, as sustainability is a key initiative for The Kahala Hotel & Resort.
     The Perfect Afternoon at The Kahala
  Enjoy a delightful teatime at The Veranda with exclusive handcrafted fine teas and indulge in sweet and savory bites on our oceanfront lanai. Perfect for every occasion, Afternoon Tea at The Veranda is the best way to get an early start to the weekend with a blissfully excellent afternoon experience.
2-3:30 p.m., every Friday & Saturday
$80 per person, includes tax & service charge
OpenTable 808.739.8760
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