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                                                     IHOP general manager Chasity Brede and area director Darlene Balcita welcome hungry diners.
     As the IHOP team encourages guests to “come in hungry
and leaving happy and full,” the friendly group wants the overall dining experience to be amazing every time so that by the time a diner leaves, they are already plan- ning their next outing to the family friendly restaurant.
Multiple generations of diners can attest that IHOP is a must-visit destination for guests looking to “put a smile on their plate” by sati- ating their breakfast all day fix, whether one chooses to enjoy traditional day-starting fare from fluffy pancakes and hearty French toast to eclec- tic entrées including beef, chicken, fish and turkey op- tions.With four local locations in Hawaii, convenience and flavor converge at IHOP.
“We aim to have some- thing for everyone on our menu,” says IHOP area di- rector Darlene Balcita. “From buttermilk pancakes, French toast and crepes to burgers and omelets, to name a few, our team would like to create a memorable experience for our longtime fans and new diners. Providing delicious food and exceptional service for every guest, every time is key so they can come back time and time again.”
IHOP’s Original Butter- milk Pancake Short Stack ($9.99) is a true breakfast classic. Guests are treated to three of IHOP’s fluffy, world famous buttermilk pancakes topped with butter; of course, diners can then ramp up the flavor with their choices of syrup.
Big Steak Omelette
($22.99) is a popular break- fast choice that can be en- joyed during any meal as the massive entrée is stuffed
with steak, hash browns, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and cheddar cheese along with
a side of salsa.
Be sure to try a new addi-
tion to the IHOP menu as the Salmon ($21.99) is a 6-ounce
filet grilled to perfection and served with a rice medley and green beans.
Sirloin Salisbury Steak
   National Pancake Day is Feb. 28 and guests who visit an IHOP location from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. can get a free short stack.
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