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June 23, 2024

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Beef Wellington ($92). Photo courtesy G.LION HAWAII

Situated on Kuhio Avenue, Hy’s Steak House first opened its doors in 1976 and was founded by Hy Aisenstat. Since 2011, the restaurant has been under the management of G.LION HAWAII — a hospitality group that also manages La Vie and Quiora. Staying true to Hy’s unique charm and timeless characteristics, G.LION HAWAII has kept up the business’s reputation as a beloved dining destination throughout these past decades.

Hy’s recently went under renovation for an extensive period of time, but still operated as a pop-up experience at La Vie, and is grateful to guests who dined there during its temporary closure. The recent upgrades for the biz were planned with a deep respect to keep the classic interior Hy’s guests have cherished for years. “We aimed to preserve the warm, inviting ambiance that has made Hy’s a beloved dining destination,” says guest relations manager Robert “Bob” Panter. “You’ll still find the same charm and elegance that have defined our restaurant, maintaining the atmosphere that makes every visit special.”

The establishment has made significant enhancements, including a brand-new state-of-the-art kitchen, which elevates its culinary capabilities and enables its talented team to utilize the upgraded space to bring customers an array of new menu items while continuing to perfect its beloved classics.

We had the chance to speak to Panter and executive chef Brandon Bernal to learn more about all of Hy’s exciting new offerings.

DO: Can you describe Hy’s ambiance and décor?

BP: Hy’s Steak House offers a distinct ambiance that transports you away from the tropical setting of Waikiki into an atmosphere of timeless elegance. Our interior features rich, dark wood paneling and ornate wood details that infuse the space with a sense of classic sophistication. The walls are adorned with classic paintings and bookshelves, adding to the refined, old-world charm of the dining experience. A standout feature of our main dining room is the stunning Tiffany stained-glass ceiling, which adds a touch of artistic beauty and luxury. At the heart of our dining room is the broiler room, a unique focal point where guests can watch the preparation of their steaks through a glass enclosure. This open view of the broiler is a popular photo-op for many guests.

DO: What are Hy’s bestselling dishes?

BB: Oyster Rockefeller ($36) is a popular starter that our guests love. It boasts Goose Point Oysters from the West Coast topped with a blend of spinach, double-smoked bacon and caramelized onions, then baked and finished with torched hollandaise.

The Escargot à la Hy’s ($29) is prepared with Hy’s secret butter recipe that has remained unchanged for over 15 years. This escargot dish is browned in the oven and served with ciabatta.

A bestselling entree is our Beef Wellington ($92), which features a seared fi-let mignon brushed with Dijon mustard, wrapped with mushroom duxelle seasoned with truffle oil, prosciutto and pastry dough. It is baked and served with your choice of starch and truffle demi-glace.

The Porterhouse for Two ($193 for 32 ounces) is also popular and is a USDA Prime steak seasoned with Hy’s proprietary seasoning and kiawe-grilled to deliver a perfectly tender and flavorful experience, making it an ideal choice for sharing.

DO: What are some unique menu items?

BB: At Hy’s Steak House, our tableside presentations are a hallmark of our dining experience, offering both visual delight and exceptional flavor. For our salads, we present the Tableside Caesar Salad for Two ($42) and the Warm Spinach Salad for Two ($42), where the dressings are freshly prepared right at your table. The Caesar features crisp romaine, our signature dressing, herb-roasted croutons and Parmigiano-Reggiano, while the Warm Spinach Salad combines fresh spinach with double-smoked bacon, cremini mushrooms, and hard-boiled eggs, all brought together with a warm vinaigrette. These interactive preparations add a personal and elegant touch to your meal, allowing guests to experience the freshness and craftsmanship firsthand.

When it comes to our flambé selections, we bring the art of flaming desserts to your table with dishes such as the Apple Streusel Flambé ($22), Bananas Foster Flambé ($22) and Chocolate Lovers Flambé ($22). Each dessert is ignited tableside and served over Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream. These presentations revive a classic fine dining tradition, offering both a spectacular visual treat and a sumptuous end to your meal.

DO: Are there any current specials on the menu?

BB: We’re excited to highlight some new additions to our menu that cater to a broader range of dietary preferences, including our non-steak and vegetarian guests. Inspired by the diverse offerings at our sister restaurants, La Vie and Quiora, we’ve introduced the Truffle Carbonara ($42), featuring hearts of palm puree and vegan bacon, a deliciously creative twist on a classic dish. Additionally, our Agave Glazed Harissa Carrots ($42) is served with lentils, beets and roasted red onions. These dishes provide well-rounded, flavorful choices for those seeking alternatives to steak, ensuring that all our guests have a delightful dining experience.

DO: What do you love most about Hy’s Steak House?

BP: Our incredible guests. We have the honor of serving multiple generations, celebrating countless anniversaries, birthdays, and special occasions with our local kamaaina community. It’s truly special to see families grow and continue to choose Hy’s for their memorable moments.

DO: What experience do you hope guests take away?

BB: We hope our customers leave with a sense of genuine satisfaction, having enjoyed exceptional food that combines comfort and high-quality ingredients. Our aim is to be a place where memorable moments are created, where guests can celebrate, and share in the joy that comes from our passion for culinary and heartfelt hospitality. We want every visit to feel special, leaving a lasting impression of warmth, care and delicious dining.

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