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Where Hawaii Eats

March 28, 2021

Story By: Anne Lee |

Sysco Hawaii and Anne Lee bring us the weeks finest places to eat and drink

ABOUT GOMA TEI: “Goma” means sesame and “tei”means a place for gathering. Hence, the name Goma Tei makes sense as it’s known for award-winning tan tan ramen, a spicy sesame-seasoned ramen.

Now, with ve restaurants, they’re making their own noodles and creating new delicious one-of-a-kind dishes and enhancing their ever-popular noodle and main dish menu.

News Flash

NEW ON THE MENU: Japanese-style Shu Mai ($7.45, four pieces). It’s a mix of shiitake mushrooms, Maui onion and ground pork. Traditional shu mai is more dense, where ours is more softer and lighter. Popcorn Chicken Waffle ($14.50). The Japanese-style waffle is light and crispy, not dense. We use the special Japanese ‚ our and special cooking technique to achieve this airy, melt-in-your-mouth texture. This is not your average popcorn chicken. It’s marinated in-house, and we use a special starch instead of ‚ our before deep-frying it, which makes it more crispy and juicy. It’s served with fresh fruit, house made whipped cream and 100 percent maple syrup.

Current Favorite

BREAKFAST ON THE MENU Lilikoi Soufš é Pancake ($12.95). This is a soft, cotton candy-like pancake made with imported Japanese ‚ our and Madagascar vanilla bean paste. It’s served with a delicious homemade lilikoi sauce — we source the lilikoi puree from a local farm on Maui — and our housemade whipped cream and fresh fruit.

HOUSE SPECIAL: Spicy Kakuni Bao ($13.95) — three generous pieces of braised pork belly with housemade special fruit-based spicy sauce on a steamed bao, served with cucumber, roasted peanuts, housemade whipped cream and fresh fruit.

Using the finest ingredients, Goma Tei makes everything on their menu in-house, even their sauces!

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