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March 21, 2021

Story By: Nicole Monton | Photos by: LAWRENCE TABUDLO

Chef Chai Chaowasaree holds a Wiki Wiki Box, which is packed with rotating full meals every week.

If you haven’t tried a weekly Wiki Wiki Box from Chef Chai at Pacifica, well, you’re missing out. It’s where culinary craftsmanship meets convenience in the most delicious way possible, and those who have tried it before just can’t get enough. So loved are these special packages that nearly half of each week’s purchases are from returning customers.

“We wanted to give them quality and quantity,” says chef Chai Chaowasaree. “We appreciate them, and they appreciate us.”

Wiki Wiki Boxes come in two sizes: regular (eight entrées, $120) and mini (four entrées, $75). Both come with two salads and two desserts.

“You can have a whole dinner for four for just $75,” says Chaowasaree.

And, you can eat well knowing that each Wiki Wiki Box purchase helps a local organization.

“Our Wiki Wiki Boxes are very popular among the nonprofits that we partner with, like Hawaii Bone Marrow Donor Registry, Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, Domestic Violence Action Center, American Lung Association and more,” shares Chaowasaree.

There’s still time to order a Wiki Wiki Box for pickup or delivery March 24. Featured entrées on this week’s menu are kung pao shrimp over Thai jasmine rice; fresh fish over penne pasta and mac nut pesto cream; grilled rosemary garlic chicken; and grilled beef with Thai sticky rice. Pair that with Caesar salad and a dessert of Hawaiian sweet bread pudding with roasted pineapple, and you have yourself a complete meal for the week!

Fresh Fish with Tomato Garlic Confit (part of the Wiki Wiki Box)

Boxes tend to sell out fast, to hear Chaowasaree tell it, which means time is running out to secure your box for this week. But not to fear, because he’s already got the menu set for the March 31 pickup.

Next week, look forward to entrées like shrimp and pork palabok; fresh fish with zucchini linguine; roasted chicken with cream of mushroom and country-style potatoes; and sukiyaki-style beef. Accompanying these memorable meals are Big Island baby greens with a soy ginger sesame dressing, as well as peanut butter opera cake.

The best thing about Chef Chai’s Wiki Wiki Boxes — aside from the taste, of course — is the fact that they’re meant for reheating from the comfort of home.

“We hear from our customers, ‘Your food is so good,’” says Chaowasaree, who notes that detailed reheating instructions come with each box. “They can keep it for three to four days, and it still tastes fresh.”

As always, place orders at least 24-48 hours in advance by phone to 585-0011, or visit chefchai-catering.hrpos.heartland.us/menu to order online.

Dine-in Destination

Chef Chai’s Wiki Wiki Boxes have been stealing the show as of late, but fans of the eatery’s beautiful ambiance and excellent service can choose to dine in from 4 to 10 p.m. Thursdays-Sundays. Expect the full menu, which means favorites, like crispy whole fish and oxtail soup, are up for grabs. “We do our oxtail soup totally different than other restaurants,” says chef Chai Chaowasaree. “We do it Thai style with a lot of lemon grass, galangal and garlic, and we slow-cook the oxtail for eight hours. It’s soft and tender, and falls off the bone.”

Full Moon Feast

Enjoy an evening with Robert Cazimero and his dancers during each full moon this year — all while dining on a special Chef Chai menu that features a starter, appetizers, choice of entrée and choice of dessert. March’s event is already sold out, but keep an eye out for the following dates to round out 2021:

• April 25
• May 27
• June 24
• July 23
• Aug. 22
• Sept. 19
• Oct. 21
• Nov. 18
• Dec. 18

Learn more online at chefchai.com/monthly-fullmoon-concert.

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