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March 14, 2021

Story By: Don Robbins | Photos by: Goma Tei

Ginger Chicken Fried Rice ($15.50)

Considering all the rainy weather Hawaii has been having lately, there’s nothing like a nice hot bowl of ramen or another filling meal from Goma Tei to make you feel all warm and happy inside.

Goma Tei ramen restaurant serves the finest in oodles of Japanese-style noodles, rice dishes and much more. The eatery has five locations, including Ala Moana Center, International Market Place, Kahala Mall, Pearlridge Center and Ward Centre.

One excellent menu item is Ginger Chicken Fried Rice ($15.50). It features Japanese-style fried rice served with sous vide chicken breast, house special ginger sauce, soft poached egg and crispy garlic topping. The latter adds a good kick to the taste.

Spicy Kakuni Udon ($15.95)

“We use freshly made Hokkaido rice, and each bowl of fried rice is made with a special fried rice machine imported from Japan to ensure the quality and consistency of the good taste,” explains Goma Tei operations manager Jenny Lu.

Another hearty and satisfying item at the restaurant is Spicy Kakuni Udon/Rice ($15.95/$15.50). It focuses on braised pork belly served with the eatery’s homemade chili sauce (created with pears, apples, tomatoes, sweet pepper, garlic and red chili peppers).

“It matches well with both rice and udon noodles,” Lu notes.

In addition, the restaurant offers its Special Spicy Sauce ($3). It’s crafted of dried scallops, steamed cured ham, dried shrimp and fresh red chili pepper. This is slowcooked at low heat to produce an intense flavor.

“We add it to our Spicy Tantan Ramen ($14.75) to get a richer and more intense flavor. It matches with rice and side orders, too. It’s a perfect add-on option for spicy lovers,” Lu emphasizes.

Meanwhile, there are a plethora of other menu choices at Goma Tei, including Wonton Shoyu Ramen ($11.75) and Wonton Soup ($9.95). The Japanese-style wonton is made with chopped shrimp and minced pork, then marinated for 24 hours in the company’s special soy sauce and essence of dried scallops.

Next, chopped baby bamboo shoots and shredded wood ears are added for a unique flavor.

Customers can order their wonton with soup, noodles or even deep-fried crispy wonton, Lu adds.

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