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August 30, 2020

Story By: Nicole Monton | Photos by: SHOKUDO JAPANESE RESTAURANT & BAR

Shokudo Deluxe Nigiri Set ($35)

With takeout on the rise all over the state, Shokudo Japanese Restaurant & Bar is making it easy for its customers to create the perfect meal with a variety of bento combos up for grabs.

First up is Bento A ($11.99) that comes with options like two pieces of agedashi tofu, tofu salad, veggie croquette, aji fry, teri chicken, karaage chicken, teri salmon, chicken katsu, sukiyaki beef or pork shabu.

Shokudo Japanese Restaurant & Bar has myriad bentos for takeout.

Next, Bento B ($14.99) has choices like tempura (two shrimp, one veggie), fried saba, ahi poke, salmon poke, misoyaki butterfish, unagi or assorted sashimi.

While the options already are more than impressive, Shokudo also offers a mix-and-match for more food and variety: Combination Bento AA ($16.99), Combination Bento AB ($18.99) and Combination Bento BB ($24.99).

Sukiyaki Donburi ($5 regular; $8 large)

“Guests may make their own selection from each category either A or B,” explains general manager Ryan Ko. “They may also make their own combination bento by selecting two items from category A, two items from category B, or one selection from A and one from B.”

There are also some standalone dishes that are perfect for families on the go.

Opt for the 16-piece Shokudo Deluxe Nigiri Set ($35) that comes with a little bit of everything for the seafood lover in your home, or grab a Sukiyaki Donburi ($5 regular; $8 large) that comes with a hearty helping of perfectly prepared meat atop a bed of rice.

“We would like to say thank you to all of our patrons who continue to support us during these challenging times,” adds Ko. “From all of us at Shokudo, please stay safe and healthy.”

Honolulu, HI 96814

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