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June 21, 2020

Story By: Nicole Monton |

The Lobster Dynamite Roll ($16) is a popular option when dining at Shokudo Japanese Restaurant & Bar. A. Consillio photo

Shokudo Japanese Restaurant & Bar has been living up to its name of providing a gorgeous space for people to come together and enjoy a meal.

“Shokudo translates to ‘dining room,’ explains general manager Ryan Ko. “Essentially, it’s a place of gathering for people to enjoy delicious food and be in great company.”

It’s fitting, then, that the restaurant reopened for dine-in service earlier this month, making sure to follow all state Department of Health and CDC guidelines.

“During this difficult time we appreciate everyone’s support and we truly have missed all of our patrons,” adds Ko. “We are thrilled and grateful that we have the opportunity to serve our guests once again. We hope to see everyone soon and serve up everyone’s favorite dessert!”

The Shokudo Deluxe Nigiri Set ($30) comes with two pieces each of maguro-zuke, hamachi, salmon, saba, unagi, spicy tuna, scallop mayo and ikura. The stuffed bento is one of general manager Ryan Ko’s favorites. Photo courtesy Shokudo Japanese Restaurant & Bar

Ko is talking, of course, about the eatery’s famous Original Honey Toast ($10; add $2 for chocolate, strawberry or caramel) that comes in a variety of flavors.

Notable highlights on the savory menu are the 16-piece Shokudo Deluxe Nigiri Set ($30) and nine-piece Shokudo Nigiri Set ($15) — both of which Ko highly recommends.

The smaller bento comes with ahi salmon, hamachi, ebi and tamago, and four pieces of either a California or spicy tuna roll.

The deluxe meal, meanwhile, comes with two pieces each of maguro-zuke, hamachi, salmon, saba and unagi, as well as a helping of spicy tuna, scallop mayo and ikura.

“(This one) is my favorite,” Ko says. “It has the best value, and all of the nigiri come dressed up with delicious garnishes.”

Those in the mood for something a little different can try the Sukiyaki Bibimbap ($14) or Lobster Dynamite Roll ($16) — both crowd favorites.

And in even more good news: Takeout is still up for grabs, too, and Ko adds that a full list of items is available at shokudojapanese.com.

Honolulu, HI 96814

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