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Step Up to the Plate

December 30, 2018

Story By: Elima Pangorang | Photos by: Kozo Sushi


It may be more than halfway through the holidays, but for many, the celebrations still stretch long into the month of January. For instance, there are quite a bit of friends and family who decide to throw their late Christmas or New Year’s parties after the fact to avoid clashing with busy holiday schedules.

In fact, Hawaii is all about hosting pot-lucks for almost any occasion year-round, so the need for party food somehow seems to constantly come up. The popular Kozo Sushi is a sure choice on appetizing yet nutritious party platters that get everyone excited and satisfied.

There are more than half a dozen sushi sets up for grabs, ranging from a Junior Set with 30 pieces for $21.99 to a Kamaaina Set with 98 pieces for $49.99. Popular pieces include nigiri such as ahi, egg, ebi and unagi, or rolls like California maki, tempura maki, and the list goes on.

When there is no time to sit down and wait for conveyor sushi, this definitely serves as a more-than-sufficient substitute. These platters are even perfect for a casual family dinner or a day spent at the beach.

So first things first, with New Year’s Eve and Day coming in hot tomorrow and Tuesday, there’s no time to waste to order your platters for these occasions. The staff mentions that the sooner you get your order in the better.

Besides platters, the eatery also rolls out other affordable, high-quality individual sushi sets, donburi (rice bowls), a plethora of bentos, udon — and that’s just the beginning. Discover all of this and more at its Moiliili location across from the old Stadium Park or at any of its other four locations.

Gimme nigiri

A wondrous rainbow of ahi, ebi, salmon and egg slices perch themselves atop a soft bed of sushi rice.

Party with inari

Act quick to get your hands on these pieces. They are especially loved because of the moist tofu blankets that are used instead of the usual nori wraps.

Keep it rollin’

Makimono California and Futo sushi rolls are certainly welcomed as they pack an array of ingredients within their ricey walls.

Pop of flavor

Tiny yet flavorful rolls of Tekka, Cucumber and Shinko maki are the perfect bite-sized pieces to enjoy.

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