Seoul Garden Yakiniku

Step Up to the Plate

December 2, 2018

Story By: Elima Pangorang | Photos by: Lawrence Tabudlo


Hype up your dining experience with Seoul Garden Yakiniku, a lively yet cozy restaurant with a plethora of filling combinations. The Korean eatery is the perfect spot for authentic ready-to-cook plates at your table, or ready-to-eat dishes.

The extensive menu presents meats, veggies and seafood to be grilled right in front of you. With so much to choose from, a great place to start is with the all-you-can-eat (AYCE) option. There are four different AYCE selections — Basic ($19.95, lunch only), Intermediate ($24.95), Premium ($29.95) and Special ($27.95).

The AYCE is available to parties of at least two diners and comes with complimentary Bean Paste Soup, Spicy Soft Tofu Soup, Corn Cheese and Assorted Vegetables.

Examples of meats found on the AYCE menu (and depending on which option you choose) include beef brisket, pork belly, bulgogi, pork jowl, chicken, shrimp, duck, kalbi and more.

If you’re looking for items that are ready to consume while waiting for the grilled items to cook, try out any one of the soothing soups on the menu. A perfect go-to is the Kalbi & Cabbage Soup ($13.95, $10.95 lunch) that can be prepared mild or spicy. Another option sure to please is Kimchi Stew ($12.95, $9.95 lunch).

Whatever you choose to indulge in from Seoul Garden, bet on fun dining and yummy times that will have you returning for more!

‘Seoul’ soothing

Tender chunks of Kalbi swim in a soup that comforts the mind and body with vegetables that complement the savory meat bite in this Kalbi & Cabbage Soup ($13.95, $10.95 lunch).

Under the sea

Generously marinated octopus is ready to yakiniku, which provides a nice contrast to the meaty cuts.

A slurpin’ good time

Not only is the cooking station a grill, it’s also a pot. As the meat and seafood sizzle up top, the sauces that drizzle into the surrounding entrapment are great to boil the rice noodle and vegetables in — also making a divine soup for your rice!

Get grillin’

There’s nothing quite like smelling the aromas of marinated beef cooking on a golden skillet as you enjoy the thrill of the grill.

A kickin’ mix

A medley of crisp and refreshing veggies add a boost to the already tantalizing flavors that seep from the beef and octopus juices.

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