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March 11, 2018

Story By: Elima Pangorang | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Mixed Stir-Fried Hawaiian Style ($12.95)

Stadium Mall in Oahu’s Leeward district sits quaintly in the midst of its exceptionally busy surroundings. With Aloha Stadium on one side, Stadium Marketplace across the way and the zooming H-1 Freeway just above, this little section of Salt Lake dutifully serves passersby, whether on a fun trip to Ice Palace or looking to answer to a hungry tummy.

Sizzling Prawns with Sweet Chili Sauce ($14.95)

There’s an eatery within this mall that happily serves patrons Chinese fare that is both tasty and affordable. Royal Palace Restaurant boasts an all-you-can-eat buffet for lunch and dinner, and also offers up dishes from its extensive menu that guests can order straight from the kitchen.

An appealing start to any meal would include an order of Sweet and Sour Fish with Pine Nuts ($12.95). The combination of the crisp outside bite into the divinely tender fish inside makes for an easy-to-eat meal, especially since the pieces are bite-sized and perfect for sharing. A rainbow of cucumbers and tomatoes line the edge and provide a refreshing reset of the palate between bites.

Sweet and Sour Fish with Pine Nuts ($12.95)

For more vegetables, try out Mixed Stir-Fried Hawaiian Style ($12.95). An array of vegetables jumble together with cuts of chicken, papaya, pineapple, water chestnuts, macadamia nuts and more, all in a light garlic sauce that results in a pleasant sweet-and-salty taste sure to satisfy the whole crew.

Sizzling Prawns with Sweet Chili Sauce ($14.95) presents a row of creatively crafted fried shrimp on a set of skewers, and is another dish that is great to share — should you feel so inclined and generous.

Stop in to Royal Palace Restaurant to give these dishes a taste, or discover other flavors that the eatery’s menu has to offer. From the buffet to a full menu, this restaurant has just about any type of Chinese cuisine one might be craving.

Honolulu, HI 96818

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