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December 31, 2017

Story By: Elima Pangorang | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Spread of the 2018 New Year and Chinese New Year special menu ($438 for a table of 10)

Start your new year off with a bang — for your taste buds, that is — at Jade Dynasty Seafood Restaurant. The enduring restaurant cozies up within Ala Moana

Center’s Hookipa Terrace and serves traditional Chinese fare that you will not want to miss out on for both the start of 2018 and the upcoming Chinese New Year. The eatery is offering a sizzling party set to help ring in the grand holiday celebrations ($438 for a table of 10). The menu includes Deep Fried Shrimp Balls & Jelly Fish, Imitation Shark’s Fin Soup, Golden Chicken, Steamed Whole Fish with Scallions & Soy Sauce, Lobster with Ginger & Onion on Noodles, Braised Pork Rib (served with buns), New Year Good Luck Jai, Sticky Rice with Preserved Meats in Lotus Wrap, and Mochi Balls in Sweet Ginger Broth.

Imitation Shark’s Fin Soup (part of the special menu)

According to general manager Gary Chan, not only is the menu bursting with irresistible flavors, but each dish also holds its own significant meaning rooted in Chinese culture and tradition.

“The golden coat of the shrimp balls is a symbol of wealth, and the pork rib looks like a ladder which is a symbol for climbing toward more. The rice is sticky, like the family that sticks together,” he shares.

Lobster with Ginger & Onion on Noodles (part of the special menu)

The party set also comes with a vegetarian jai dish that is a focal good luck dish in Chinese culture, as it is believed to purify and cleanse the soul with its array of vegetables.

Chan further explains that the lobster represents good health and energy, while the fish, which is locally sourced uhu (parrotfish), is significant to having a surplus of goods at the end of the year, which will roll into the new year.

New Year Good Luck Jai (part of the special menu)

Stop in for Jade Dynasty’s party menu, which will be offered until Feb. 28 — a sure choice to bring good food and good luck for any occasion! Chan extends a special invitation to customers to join the restaurant on Chinese New Year’s Eve and Day for a festive lion dance at 7 p.m. on Feb. 15 and 6:30 p.m. on Feb. 16.

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