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December 31, 2017

Story By: Elima Pangorang | Photos by: Elima Pangorang

Pan-Fried Rice Cake ($15.95)

When customers walk into Seoul Garden Yakiniku on Kapiolani Boulevard, the hypnotizing aroma of grilling meats and simmering soups draws diners in for an authentic and unforgettable Korean dining experience.

While Seoul Garden is best known for its ample selection of yakiniku options, the eatery also boasts other hidden gems within its menu.

For example, owner Yun Hee Im suggests starting off your meal with nostalgia-inducing Pan-Fried Rice Cake ($15.95). “Young people really love this one,” says Im. “There are a lot of markets in Korea and they cook rice cake like this in the streets. It’s very popular in Korea.”

Steamed Kalbi Soup ($17.95)

The rice cake’s chewy yet soft texture, covered in a sweet and slightly spicy sauce, is a subtle dish that’s perfect for getting taste buds fired up for the grilled meats and savory soups — which include juicy drippings from the yakiniku ingredients as they cook away.


Seoul Garden Yakiniku owner Yun Hee Im takes pride in Steamed Kalbi Soup ($17.95), and diners won’t be disappointed either as the dish comes out boiling and steaming in a hot stone bowl. “This soup is made for the royal family in Korea,” she explains. Thick, tender cubes of short rib, carrots and potato simmer in an infused broth, undoubtedly making this item a must-have for even the humblest of diners.

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