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August 14, 2016

Story By: Lynsey Beth Futa |

Diced Chicken with Chili Peppers ($12.99)

Diced Chicken with Chili Peppers ($12.99)

For the love of all foods fiery red, explosive in flavor and tingly to the taste buds, Spicy Pavilion has got you covered. The newest addition to Chinatown Cultural Plaza, the restaurant is owned by Gary Tu, his wife Wendy Cheng and their daughter Qi Tu, who took the advice of friends and created a business out of their shared cooking hobby and love for food.

Each family member considers themselves “foodies,” Qi explains, and their passion to serve traditional-style Sichuan cuisine — which is known for its unique spice and bold flavors — is evident in their food.

Take Twice-cooked Pork ($14.99), for example. Thin slices of sumptuously fatty pork are fried two times and then cooked with the essential Sichuan chili — which is more like a peppercorn — red bell peppers, dried red chili peppers, garlic, leeks and ginger.

For customers wary of overly spicy food, Spicy Pavilion can adjust the heat to your preference, using a scale from one to 10 — one being the mildest. Still, you won’t want to miss out on the full red-hot Sichuan experience, which you’ll encounter from the moment you walk into the establishment. The walls are covered with bian lian, or Sichuan opera face masks, and writings with various inscriptions — the most important one reading: “Si fang cai,” or “home-cooked meals.”


It’s been said that spicy food is good for you, which is why it’s imperative to visit Spicy Pavilion for all your health and hunger needs. The restaurant’s Diced Chicken with Chili Peppers ($12.99) is sure to satisfy with bites of chicken stir-fried with onions, red and green bell peppers, green onions, garlic, ginger and Sichuan and red chili peppers. Soon, you’ll have the red back in your cheeks and lips, as well as a new appreciation for Sichuan culture.

Spicy Pavilion

Chinatown Cultural Plaza,
100 N Beretania St., Ste. 113, Chinatown
Tuesday-Sunday, lunch: 11 a.m.-3 p.m., dinner: 5-9 p.m.; Closed Monday

Honolulu, HI 96817

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