Meals planned with Dad, families in mind

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June 19, 2016

Story By: Lynsey Beth Futa |

Shrimp with Salt and Pepper ($13.95)

Shrimp with Salt and Pepper ($13.95)

For a culture that’s built around family, the Chinese have developed aspects to accommodate for large gatherings, especially when it involves food.

Large, round tables adorn Chinese restaurants in order to fit families of any size, strategically situating everyone within reach of the delicious fare. Often a spinning Lazy Susan is seen transporting a plate of Chow Fun to the opposite end of the table in exchange for a heap of Kau Yuk. And, Happy Days Chinese Seafood Restaurant’s Kau Yuk with Taro ($12.95) is one you’ll definitely be spinning the Lazy Susan for.

Cuts of roasted pork belly are drenched in a thick shoyu-based sauce, while pieces of taro melt in your mouth.

Happy Days has been upholding the tradition of offering authentic Chinese cuisine for 15 years, as well as providing a welcoming place for all generations to come and be family. Owner Lisa Ng Lum mentions, “I love when the old-timers come in because they’re always so happy, and I love that I know exactly what they’re going to order.”

Steamed Sea Bass Filet with Ginger and Onion ($13.95)

Steamed Sea Bass Filet with Ginger and Onion ($13.95)

One of these popular orders is Steamed Sea Bass Fillet with Ginger and Onion ($13.95), which showcases flaky bites of fish doused in shoyu, hot chili oil, green onions, ginger and garlic. Another favorite is Happy Days’ Shrimp with Salt and Pepper ($13.95), which incorporates frying the whole shrimp with its shell, head and tail still attached. The shrimp are tossed in salt, pepper, chilies and garlic for the perfect seasoning. Lum even gives a nod of approval to patrons who eat the entire shrimp, including the head, as that is the suggested way.

Looking for something more simple and less “Fear Factor”? Order the good ol’ Boneless Minute Chicken ($11.95). Pieces of chicken are quickly cooked in a sizzling wok with oyster sauce, garlic and green onion, giving the poultry an almost barbecue flavor. One may order this over cake noodles drenched in gravy or with steamed vegetables.

Take advantage of the restaurant’s party specials, which feature various set menus, each including the soup of the day and rice. The prices depend on how many are in your party, with a minimum of four people.

Boneless Minute Chicken ($11.95)

Boneless Minute Chicken ($11.95)

Lum also wants to say, “Happy Father’s Day!” and would like to encourage patrons to make their way to the Kaimuki eatery for the perfect meal with Dad.

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