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July 7, 2013

Story By: Alana Folen | Photos by: Leah Friel

My two favorite pastimes are eating and getting in killer workouts at the gym. Yes, I am a woman of irony. And while it may be known to most of you that I’m always hungry, I’ve also noticed that with the beastly gym sessions comes an increase in hunger pains. With the amount of food that I eat, how could I still be hungry, right? You’ve got me!

I’m constantly eating throughout the day, and it takes a lot of food to feel satisfied. Therefore, it saddens me when I go out to eat at a favorite restaurant, relish in the glory of a great meal, and then 20 minutes later feel my stomach growling for more.

Well, thanks to complete meals at the following Ono, You Know locations, I’ve found enough food in one meal that withstands my appetite. Now, truth be told, I finally can break the habit of having to order more than one entree. I’ll admit, when dining out, I’m not a cheap date.

Complete meals are one of mankind’s best creations. You can eat to your heart’s content and savor everything — and I do mean everything — soup, salads, desserts, sides and the main entree. Don’t expect an itty-bitty entree either; the entrees presented in the complete meals are huge! Amen to that!

So, Ono readers, enough jabber. Let’s get down to business, complete meals are the answer to gigantic appetites!

Sushi King

Why is it that the worst cravings come late at night when you’re all tucked in and ready for bed? And these cravings aren’t typical — oh, no. In fact, once the clock strikes midnight, it’s as if my body goes into devour mode. I want cheeseburgers, hamburger steak and eggs Benedict — the bigger the meal, the better.

And Sushi King is my saving grace. Open until 2 a.m. Wednesday through Monday (the restaurant closes at 10 p.m. Tuesdays), this establishment, which opened its doors in 1992, serves up the best teishoku meals ever, and believe me, they do not skimp on the portions. Here, teishoku meals (available for lunch and dinner) are fit for royal appetites.

An entire section of the menu is devoted to combination dinners, in which diners can select from 20 entree options. Choose two entrees for $21.95 or three for $26.95. All combination dinners also come with an appetizer, salad with miso dressing, tonjiru miso soup, rice, tsukemono and Jell-O for dessert. Lunch teishoku meals (two choices, $15.95) are sans appetizer and dessert.

While the entree selections are enormous, there are a few that I have an affinity for. Enter sashimi, garlic ahi and fried oysters. The sashimi melts in your mouth, and garlic ahi is a winner, as it’s marinated with sake, mirin and shoyu. Then, hints of garlic are added into the mix and sauteed to perfection. According to Sushi King staff, fried oysters are a top choice among customers as well. And it’s obvious why that is — these morsels of oysters are battered and deep-fried to a golden crisp. Delicious!

Sushi King’s teishoku meals offer more bang for your buck, and are exactly what I need when those pangs of hunger are unbearable. Every item in the teishoku meal is like a meal in itself!

Sushi King
2700 S. King St.

New Eagle Cafe

The eagle has landed at one of the best eateries around town, New Eagle Cafe! Located on North Nimitz Highway, New Eagle Cafe is best known for its comfort food that is sure to please the masses. It sure does please my hearty appetite with its mouthwatering entrees, such as Garlic Chicken ($11.50) and my ultimate favorite, Hawaiian Chopped Steak ($11.50)!

Garlic Chicken is a summer special that features deep-fried chicken smothered in garlic sauce. I’m a simple girl, and it only takes some onolicious garlic chicken to melt my heart. Then, Hawaiian Chopped Steak is food for the soul, in which a medley of beef, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions and celery are intermixed in a special sauce and served on a hot metal plate.

But believe me, the kanack attack comes full force when you opt to make it a complete meal. For an additional $3.55, you’ll receive soup or salad, a soft drink and dessert with your entree.

Take your time enjoying your meal, as New Eagle Cafe has extended its summer hours to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturdays. Eat on like Donkey Kong!

New Eagle Cafe
1130 N. Nimitz Hwy., Ste. A-100

Kenny’s Restaurant

Local grinds and American classics are what it’s all about at Kenny’s Restaurant! A longtime favorite, where the servers know you by name, Kenny’s feels like a home away from home.

Located in Kamehameha Shopping Center, this Kalihi establishment entices patrons with high-quality fare at affordable prices.

Kenny’s chef, Lester Omuro, cooks up outstanding portions of Prime Rib Au Jus (10-ounce regular cut $19.95, 14-ounce Kenny’s cut $25.95). Slow-roasted, the beef is tender and boasts monumental flavor. The au jus is made from scratch and the horse-radish is spot on. Then, have your choice of white/brown rice, mashed potatoes or fried rice (for an additional charge), along with a side of vegetables. I’m in heaven … prime rib gets me every time!

For a healthier approach on dining, Kenny’s also offers Kamaaina Chop Steak ($17.49), which can be prepared with a sugar-free sauce upon request. However, with this best-seller, I enjoy it as is with morsels of ribeye sauteed with tomatoes, onions, carrots, bell peppers and celery in a sizzling teriyaki sauce. A choice of starch is included with the meal.

Finally, ono for a heaping portion of good eats? Kenny’s Aloha Specials do the trick. Served Thursday through Sunday (while supplies last), select from Lau Lau Plate ($16.99) with lau lau, chicken long rice, lomi lomi salmon, haupia and rice or poi; Kalua Pig Plate ($16.99) with kalua pig, chicken long rice, lomi lomi salmon, haupia and rice or poi; or the meal of champions, Kenny’s Hawaiian Plate ($21.99), which includes both lau lau and kalua pig with all of the aforementioned sides.

And now for a limited time only, take $1 off all Aloha Specials.

When it comes time for feasting, Kenny’s Restaurant dominates!

Kenny’s Restaurant
Kamehameha Shopping Center
1620 N. School St.

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