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May 12, 2012

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For a vast array of delicious Korean cuisine and a fun do-it-yourself yakiniku experience, look no further than Yakiniku Million. The eatery, which opened in 1989, provides its customers with a variety of barbecue (yakiniku), soup, noodle and mixed rice plates.

For the next month, Yakiniku Million is having a special on its Dried Pollack Soup ($7.95 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.; $10.95 from 2 p.m. to midnight). The soup was first introduced April 20 and has garnered a positive response among customers, according to manager Diana Paik, and it will be the eatery’s special until May 20. “Most Korean people know about it (our soup),” says Paik. “The soup includes pollack fish, green onions, eggs, a special soup base and daikon radish.”

Since it first opened in 1989, Yakiniku Million has been popular among both locals and Koreans alike.

“Our clientele is about 70 percent local people and 30 percent Korean,” says manager Angela Park.

“We’re popular because we give good (sized) portions and the price is very good; it’s reasonable,” echoes Paik. “Every meal you order comes with seven side dishes. The average price is about $47 for barbeque/yakiniku for two people and regular plates are around $12.”

When it comes to the eatery’s most popular dishes, Paik mentions the O Jing Eo Chi-ke ($14.95) — squid stew — and Mool Naeng Myun + Bi Bim Naeng MyunKal Bi + Kal Bi ($28), a combination dish comprising buckwheat (black) noodles in a chilled special soup, buckwheat (black) noodles mixed with a spicy sauce and barbecue short ribs. The latter dish is especially popular during the hot summer months, according to Park.

“During summertime, the combination dish is popular,” she explains, “because it’s hot outside and the soup is chilled and refreshing.”

Also popular is Kal Bi Tang ($10.95 regular, $15.95 large), which is frequently ordered by both locals and Koreans.

“It’s a short ribs soup, and we have a regular and large portion,” Paik confirms.

During dinner, the managers say that many customers order Yakiniku, and others order a variety of side dishes and share them family-style. Yakiniku Sets A, B and C are available ($46.95 for two people) with a variety of meats, including beef brisket, seasoned kal-bi, sliced pork belly, beef tongue and barbecue chicken. Other popular items on the Yakiniku menu include Yangnyum Kal-Bi ($24.95) — shoyu-marinated short ribs — Bul Go Gi ($22.95), or marinated sliced beef, and Chicken ($22.95).

If customers find Yakiniku Million too crowded at any particular time, takeout is welcomed — even for barbecue items.

“Everything (on the menu) is available for takeout,” Angela says. “Takeout prices are the same as dine-in prices.”

Yakiniku Million also provides lunch specials from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., with dishes ranging from $5 to $10 on its menu. Park points out that locals usually enjoy entrees including Kalbi, Beef and Chicken Plate ($12.95) and Meat-Jun and Chicken Plate ($9.95). Korean customers frequently order dishes such as Mool Naeng Myun ($7.95) — buckwheat black noodles in a special, chilled soup — Oo-e Mool Naeng Myun ($7.95), buckwheat black noodles in a special chilled soup with cucumbers; and Bi Bim Naeng Myun ($7.95), buckwheat black noodles with a spicy sauce.

For those wondering where to park at this popular eatery, Paik says that parking is available in the back of the restaurant or on the street in front of the restaurant.

Million Restaurant

  • Where
    • 626 Sheridan Street
    • Honolulu, HI 96814
  • Call
    • (808) 596-0799
  • Hours
    • Sunday – Thursday
    • 11 a.m. – Midnight
    • Friday – Saturday
    • 11 a.m. – 2 a.m.
  • Notes
    • Parking in back of restaurant or street parking available.

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