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          The Kahala Hotel & Resort’s restaurant manager Won Bae and executive chef Jonathan Mizukami pose with noodle dishes at Plumeria Beach House’s Noodle Bar.
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Diners are treated to two new themed buffets at the icon- ic Plumeria Beach House within The Kahala Hotel & Resort. The spectacular dining experiences are currying favor with guests as they noodle around with
the stellar selections. Plumeria Beach House
has introduced a slurp-tastic NoodleBaronThursdaysfor lunch (noon-2 p.m.; $55 per person, keiki 6-12 years old are $30) and dinner (5:30- 8:30 p.m.; $75 per person, keiki 6-12 years old are $40). The buffet concept is sim- ple: Select a favorite broth, such as roasted pork and chicken broth, then pick a noodle, such as chow fun, ra- men or won ton. Then, pick
a protein including charsiu, brisket, poached chicken and shrimp. Finally, add top- pings, including fish cake, egg, bok choy, mushrooms, fried garlic and shallots.
In addition to the noodle choices, guests may also enjoy dim sum selections during dinner service with shrimp har gow, pork hash, pot stickers and chicken satay.Guestscanalsokeep the good times rolling with even more noodle entrée choices such as spanish seafood fideua with shrimp, mussels, calamari, Hawaiian fresh catch and Portuguese sausage; Singapore noodles with chicken; pad Thai; von- gole; and nasi goreng. Of course, there are also sweet treats available for dessert
includingcoconuttapioca, tiramisu, pineapple up- side-down cake, chocolate mousse cake, butter mochi and The Kahala’s signature bread pudding with crème anglaise.
As an inside scoop for Dining Out readers, Plumeria Beach House is rolling out another brand-new buffet experience tonight and
everySundayfrom5:30to 8:30 p.m. with its Interna- tional Curry Buffet ($75 per person, $40 per keiki ages 6-12). This features a host of favorites, including Chi- nese chicken salad, spicy Indian cucumber salad and green papaya salad; fresh ahi poke, tako poke and ahi sashimi; chicken satay, Thai sticky rice, jasmine pilaf with
peas and cumin, and warm naan bread; a carving sta- tion featuring tandoori lamb chops; a curry “bazaar” with seemingly endless options such as roasted pork, grilled beef sirloin and shrimp that can be paired with red curry, green curry and tikka ma-
sala and toppings such as cilantro, Thai basil and man- go chutney; and, of course, desserts the likes of house- made brownies, chocolate mousse cake, almond float and butter mochi.
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