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         STIX Asia
Waikiki Shopping Plaza 2250 Kalakaua Ave. Lower Level 100, Honolulu
1. HK Cafe: Seafood Laksa ($21.99)
2. Shingen: Ube Soba ($12.80) and Soba & Mini Tempura Bowl Set ($18.80 lunch, $20.80 dinner)
3. Sushi Matsuri: Seto Lunch ($24.95) and Dragon Roll ($20.75)
4. Niu Wagyu: American Wagyu Striploin ($33.95 single pot, $49.95 shared pot)
5. Nanamusubi: Salmon & Ikura (white rice; $4.95), Salt (black rice; $2.95), Spam (brown rice; $2.95), Pickled Leaf (white rice; $2.75), Salmon (black rice; $3.82) and Seasoned Kelp (brown rice; $2.75)
Lime or a double scoop of Hawaiian Lilikoi and Hawaiian Honey Lemon ($6.50 each, add a waffle cone for $1).
for, which was a variety of options from various countries. Ethnic/Asian cuisine is the fastest growing mar- ket in the United States, and people are fascinated with trying different flavors. The dishes that the restau- rants prepare at STIX Asia cannot be duplicated at home — perhaps a rendition of it — but not the same authenticity. For example, the ramen broth from Gashoken takes three days to prepare!
We wanted to create the first-ever themed destination food hall focus- ing on affordable ethnic/Asian food concepts and provide some history about the cultures.
AL: What are the names of the restaurants that make up STIX Asia, and what item did they pre- pare for us to try?
FC: Each restaurant created their signature dishes for us to try.
Sushi Matsuri
Best known for its selection of rice and natural soy sauce from Tokushi- ma and seaweed from Setouchi in Japan, this eatery offers fresh and affordably priced sushi in Waikiki. Try the Seto Lunch ($24.95 for seven pieces) and Dragon Roll ($20.75).
UdonYama serves freshly made udon, and they give you the broth last. It’s known for its Pork Katsu (call for price) that’s made to order and the Lemon Udon ($7.95 regu- lar) that is deliciously refreshing to have.
HK Café
Bringing the taste of Hong Kong to Hawaii, this café also has a lo- cation in Chinatown on Maunakea Street. Try the Seafood Laksa ($21.99), Beef Brisket and Tendon Noodle Soup ($18.99), Chicken Steak with Spaghetti ($17.99), Stir Fry Beef Chow Fun ($18.95) and Shrimp Omelette with rice ($18.99).
Celebrating 10 years in Hawaii, Shingen is known for its homemade soba, as seen in the Soba & Mini Tempura Bowl Set ($18.80 lunch, $20.80 dinner). The restaurant also created an Ube Udon ($12.80) for locals.
K Street Food
A first of its kind in Waikiki, K Street Food brings the Korean
street food craze to Hawaii and In- stagram. Order the Cheese Tteok- bokki ($21.99 lunch, $23.99 dinner), Rabokki ($18.99 lunch, $20.99 din- ner), Chicken Curry Tteokbokki ($18.99 lunch, $20.99 dinner), Sweet Black Tteokbokki ($18.99 lunch, $20.99 dinner) and Tornado Potato ($9.99 lunch, $11.99 dinner).
Its original location opened in 1969 in Japan, and was listed in the Sapporo Michelin guide. The restaurant’s Shoyu Ramen ($19.98) put them on the map.
Niu Wagyu
Niu Wagyu brings Chinese and Japanese hot pot together using the freshest local ingredients and Wagyu beef from Japan. Opt for the American Wagyu Striploin ($33.95 single pot, $49.95 shared pot).
Honolulu Noodle & Co.
Honolulu Noodle & Co. is the first Taiwanese restaurant in Waikiki and has chefs from Taiwan in the kitch- en. Its broth takes 48 hours to make. Try the Beef Noodle ($21.85), Gyoza (six pieces for $8.50) and Pickled Cucumbers ($6.85).
This eatery features handmade musubi made with organic rice from Japan and adjusts the water and rice ratio based on the humidity to create the perfect musubi every time. Try the Salmon & Ikura (white rice; $4.95), Salt (black rice; $2.95), Spam (brown rice; $2.95), Pickled Leaf (white rice; $2.75), Salmon (black rice; $3.82) and Seasoned Kelp (brown rice; $2.75).
Nana’s Green Tea
Known for its matcha, Nana’s Green Tea boasts more than 80 locations in Japan and is known as the Starbucks of green tea. Try the Matcha Shiratama Parfait ($11.50).
Shanghai Bar
This bar is settled in the middle of STIX Asia and brings a bit of Shang- hai to Hawaii. Try the Shanghai Old Fashion ($25), Rainbow Shot ($12) and Assorted Oden ($7.75).
Ao Gelato
At Ao Gelato, try homemade ge- lato made from Nana’s Green Tea matcha, local fruits and homemade waffle cones. Items include a dou- ble scoop of Matcha and Hibiscus
Gashoken’s famous Kobe Tonkot- su-Ramen Pork Bone Broth takes three days to make and marinates the char siu for 12 hours. Order the Egg “SHIRO” Ramen ($18).
OpenTable 808.739.8760
Kama‘aina Special
5:30–8:30 p.m., Tuesday-Saturday
$75 per person, not including tax & gratuity
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