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   Seared Miso Butter Lobster, part of the Premium Course ($98.50)
 “We are one of the rare restaurants that offer this dish,” says Furuta.
The Seared Miso Butter Lobster is part of the Premium Course. The lob- ster is first bathed in butter and then boiled until it becomes tender and soft.
v- It is then seared and served with green
m onions and a slice of lemon.
eal The establishment recommends al- 0). lotting the appropriate time for each tial course, respectively, to fully enjoy the
se experience. 12,
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tsu ng ue t is ice
  Beef Tongue Katsu ($14.90)
   Mahalo for a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day! Only 360 days to go...
Make yOur reServatIOnS nOw!
take Out or Dine In
(808) 531-0422
2 Merchant Street, Honolulu, HI 96813
      Dining Out
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