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November 26, 2023

Story By: Dining Out Team | Photos by: LAWRENCE TABUDLO

(From left) Sushi Aki’s chef Yurika Kawata, head chef/ manager Shoichi Kosaka and server/marketing manager Julia Midorikawa

Sushi Aki has been providing an elevated experience to its patrons since it opened this past spring. Customers are treated to an authentic Japanese experience with its specialized omakase sushi that is updated every month with fresh, seasonal options. The biz is the sister restaurant of Kaimuki’s izakaya-style eatery Japanese Restaurant Aki, which boasts two locations and has been a local favorite for yakitori and high-quality sushi for more than 10 years. Guests will be ecstatic to discover that Sushi Aki has an even more diverse assortment of seafood to indulge in than what was previously offered at the izakaya.

Sashimi from the 21-piece course ($200), from left, bluefin tuna chutoro, sayuri and kinmedai

We had the opportunity to speak to Sushi Aki’s server and marketing manager, Julia Midorikawa, to learn more about the establishment and what it has to offer this season.

DO: Tell us more about Sushi Aki’s omakase options.

JM: Sushi Aki has two omakase course options with menu items updated monthly and an a la carte option. The 21-piece course ($200) is popular as the premium option, featuring a variety of seasonal items as well as the sushi lover’s favorite pieces like otoro and uni. The 19-piece course is popular as the affordable option at $135 and features the season’s freshest seafood as well as some omakase staples.

Abalone in liver sauce, part of the 19- and 21-piece set ($135 and $200, respectively)

Both courses include a seasonal special, chawanmushi, tempura, a soup of the month and dessert. We also have a full bar with great selection of drinks, including Japanese sakes, to perfectly pair with the meal.

DO: What are some popular items that can be found on the menu?

JM: Otoro Nigiri and Uni Gunkan are each $13 a piece and are both included in the 21-piece course. The Shima Aji Nigiri ($9 a piece) and Anago Nigiri ($12 a piece) are also popular and are included in both omakase courses. The Abalone in liver sauce, only available in courses, is also a customer favorite and features a Kona abalone steamed and prepared with a sauce made of the abalone liver and heavy cream.

Snow crab (contact for price)

DO: Can you describe the ambiance and decor? Is there anything unique about it?

JM: The interior of the restaurant is described as chic and cozy. Being a small restaurant, which seats about 10 people at a time, guests are able to enjoy an intimate meal with loved ones while having close engagements with the chef and staff. The interior incorporates natural textures such as soft woods and marble, carefully crafted to create an inviting, luxurious atmosphere. The blue marble wall reminiscent of the sea has become a signature of the restaurant, often recognized in photos shared by our guests.

Sushi Aki’s interior

DO : What upcoming seafood selections are in store for next month?

JM: December’s seasonal items are Box Crab, Buri (yellowtail), Shirako and Sayuri.

DO: What experience do you hope customers take away when dining at Sushi Aki?

Assortment of nigiri from the 19and 21-piece courses ($135 and $200, respectively)

JM: The team at Sushi Aki takes pride in providing a space for locals and tourists to gather with loved ones while enjoying good food and drink. Our guests have left the restaurant — and returned — satisfied by the quality of food, the unique touches we’ve added to our space and dining experience, and the attention to detail in our service.

Many guests describe dining at the restaurant as an authentic experience, as if they are in Japan, and enjoy the exquisite dishes imported from Japan prepared by our Japanese head chef who trained in Tokyo.

Seafood options

DO: Is there anything else you’d like to share about Sushi Aki?

JM: We are open every day throughout the holiday season (closed Tuesdays every week) and are continuing to welcome reservations going into the new year.

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