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November 6, 2023

Story By: Averie Soto | Photos by: Lawrence Tabudlo

Nigiri- Botan Ebi, Buri, Yari Ika

Botan Ebi, Buri and Yari Ika nigiri, part of a set menu (price varies).

Featuring menus that highlight the finest catches from Japan, Sushi Aki knows how to please palates across the island.

“Guests have been very impressed with the high quality and the perfectly curated amount of the two omakase courses,” says server and marketing manager Julia Midorikawa.

Flat fish, shima aji, chilled clam broth and tempura are just a few delectable samples in Sushi Aki’s 19 Piece Omakase Course ($135), which also features seasonal items for November. The set menu showcases many types of sushi and sashimi and even includes miso soup and a dessert. Its sister menu, the 21 Piece Omakase Course ($200), adds dishes like mizu tako, aka gai and kohada sushi and otoro. Guests are also treated to prawn head miso soup, dessert and more seasonal items.

Kisa, Snow Crab and Vegetable Tempura, part of a set menu (price varies).

“We’ve had guests who dined with us because they haven’t had a chance to visit Japan in a while or they were just about to take a trip there and was getting a head start on their Japanese adventure,” Midorikawa says. “Guests have been amazed by our Japanese diligence and high-quality service.”

The restaurant recently celebrated six months since its opening and is looking forward to helping guests celebrate the upcoming holiday season.

“Sushi Aki’s intimate setting would make a great place to celebrate the holidays or any other special occasion with loved ones,” Midorikawa says.

1137 11th Ave ste 102, Honolulu, HI 96816

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