Sweet treats for the summer heat

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June 18, 2023

Story By: Averie Soto | Photos by: 7-Eleven Hawaii

Tuna Corn Nori Rolls ($2.09 Oahu and $2.49 on neighbor islands)

Summer is just around the corner, and to help the islands celebrate the sunny season 7-Eleven Hawaii will be featuring new menu items for customers’ enjoyment, including the Plant-based Katsu Musubi and the White Bunny Slurpee.

The first-of-its-kind plant-based luncheon meat is the musubi is made from soy, pea rice, and mushrooms but has a similar texture to Spam, according to 7-Eleven Hawaii’s food innovation and development manager Debbie Lee Soon. OmniFoods created the new musubi with health benefits including no cholesterol, lower sodium content and dietary plant fiber. Available starting June 20, this delight will be $2.99 on Oahu and $3.49 on neighbor islands.

Plant-based Katsu Musubi ($2.99 on Oahu and $3.49 on neighbor islands)

“We are thrilled to introduce the Plant-Based Musubi to our customers in Hawaii,” Lee Soon says. “This new addition to our menu allows us to continue our commitment to innovation while also accommodating the growing demand for plant-based alternatives.”

In addition, customers can also enjoy the White Bunny Slurpee, which was created in conjunction with Harder’s Hawaii and pays tribute to the White Rabbit candy. A refreshing way to beat the heat, this treat is $1.19 on all islands and will be available starting June 26. However, customers won’t need to wait for 7-Eleven Hawaii’s Brownie Nutella Stuffed Cookies ($5.49 on Oahu and $5.99 on neighbor islands) and Tuna Corn Nori Rolls ($2.09 on Oahu and $2.49 neighbor islands), which are now available at all stores.

White Bunny Slurpee ($1.19)

“I always want our guests to feel welcome when they walk through the doors and find everything they need to satisfy their cravings,” Lee Soon says.

Brownie Nutella Stuffed Cookies ($5.49 Oahu and $5.99 on neighbor islands)

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