Cool, delicious finds at local convenience store

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January 8, 2023

Story By: Stephanie Lopes | Photos by: 7-Eleven Hawaii

Salmon Tofu & Multigrain Rice Bento ($6.99, Oahu; $7.49, neighbor islands)

Known as Hawaii’s convenience destination with everything from beach and automotive essentials to tasty treats and beverages, 7-Eleven Hawaii “continues to surprise and delight customers with weekly product launches across different categories throughout the store,” says Debbie Poynter, 7-Eleven Hawaii’s merchandising manager.

Spam & Cheese Musubi ($2.15, Oahu; $2.69, neighbor islands)

Now adoring aisles statewide is BTS Hand Drip Coffee ($11.99). Inside the beautiful boxes featuring BTS band members, seven packs of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee can be found — perfect iced or hot.

Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift? 7-Eleven Hawaii’s displays have an array of items, including Lindt and Hershey’s chocolates that make the perfect present for classmates, teachers, friends and other loved ones.

BTS Hand Drip Coffee ($11.99)

When stopping by a 7-Eleven, also check the cold case and food warmers for unique ono grinds.

In the cold case, the Salmon Tofu & Multigrain Rice Bento ($6.99, Oahu; $7.49, neighbor islands) will boost energy and health scores with freshly baked salmon, teriyaki-glazed tofu and broccoli atop multigrain rice.

Expect an assortment of food at 7-Eleven Hawaii stores.

In the food warmers, guests will be greeted by five varieties of Spam musubi — including the newly released Spam & Cheese Musubi. First in stores on Jan. 3, 7-Eleven Hawaii’s exclusive Spam & Cheese Musubi ($2.15, Oahu; $2.69, neighbor islands) “is a spicy garlic butter Spam topped with cheddar cheese on a block of unagi sauce-flavored rice. This savory, sweet and spicy combination will surprise you and keep you coming back for more!” exclaims Poynter.

“If you haven’t visited our stores recently, we encourage you to stop by and discover what’s new,” Poynter concludes.

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