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November 6, 2022

Story By: Stephanie Lopes | Photos by: Rinka Japanese Restaurant

Part of the Omakase Course ($100)

In a modern, open setting with the highest-quality service and ingredients, Rinka Japanese Restaurant creates a memorable experience.

Located on the ground level of Aeo Tower in Ward Village, Rinka features an expansive menu with authentic Japanese cuisine ranging from sushi to tempura to soba to sashimi to grilled meat to desserts. And, as autumn transitions to winter, a new Omakase Course ($100 per person, plus tax) is being served starting Dec. 1.

Part of the Omakase Course ($100)

The omakase presents the freshest ingredients of the season in a seven-course meal using the chef’s talent and creativity. Courses typically include appetizers, sashimi, seafood entrées, grilled dishes and a dessert. Guests enjoy dish after dish of the finest food of the season — savoring Rinka’s reputation of well-executed plates.

Some guests enjoy the Omakase Course when dining regularly for dinner, but it is also great for special occasions like anniversaries, says Rinka manager Midori Omura.

Reservations must be made by phone at least one day in advance for the special dinner omakase. If diners have allergies, the chef can adjust as needed.

“We are always striving to develop new menu items, weaving together the original flavors of Japanese cuisine with new ideas. Guests will have a dining experience that they will never get tired of anytime they come to our restaurant,” concludes Omura.

1001 Queen St, Honolulu, HI 96814

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