DIY ramen with at-home kits

A La Carte

July 24, 2022

Story By: Dining Out Team | Photos by: Sun Noodle

Jiro Style Garlic Shoyu Ramen kit

Sun Noodle isn’t just well-loved here in the islands, it’s well-known nationwide for helping fuel America’s ramen craze. The company’s carefully crafted noodles are favored by top chefs in Hawaii and beyond because Sun Noodle customizes its products to meet the needs of each of its restaurant clients.

When the pandemic hit and folks found themselves spending more time at home, Sun Noodle introduced a line of “at-home” kits — elevated takes on the ubiquitous instant ramen.

Gyokai Tonkotsu Tsukemen kit

Now, home cooks have two new limited-edition options to try: the Gyokai Tonkotsu Tsukemen kit and the Jiro Style Garlic Shoyu Ramen kit (prices vary).

“Tsukemen” translates to “dipping noodles.” In this dish, the noodles are separate from the broth and eaten soba-style. Ramen pioneer Kazuo Yamagishi first came up with the concept in the 1960s. The Sun Noodle version is a rich and savory pork and fish broth paired with thick, chewy, flavorful ramen noodles.

The Jiro Style Garlic Shoyu Ramen kit takes its inspiration from Ramen Jiro in Tokyo. To get the full effect with the Sun Noodle kit, add lots of cabbage, bean sprouts, minced garlic and sliced pork — then slurp away.

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