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June 5, 2022

Story By: Kyle Galdeira | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Grilled Black Throat Seaperch (Nodoguro), part of the Summer Omakase Course ($100)

The awe-inspiring Rinka restaurant was constructed with an open concept that includes a sushi bar, a sleek interior complete with warm tones and a high ceiling accented by modern lighting elements.

Situated on the Aeo tower’s ground level within the bustling Ward Village, Rinka offers an assortment of authentic Japanese cuisine including sushi, tempura, soba and sashimi prepared fresh by the talented heart-of-the-house team. Like the Japanese flower that it is named for, Rinka continues to blossom with an array of delicious dishes and flavor combinations within its spacious, inviting setting.

Three kinds of sashimi, part of the Summer Omakase Course ($100)

Seafood enthusiasts will be thrilled to enjoy the diverse options that Rinka prepares with the freshest ingredients. Sashimi Combination Deluxe ($68.75) is crafted with precision featuring assorted fish from Japan.

Simmered Flounder ($16.75) is prepared in a sweet soy sauce, while Roast Beef Salad Japanese Style ($12.75) is crafted with succulent beef, greens and tomatoes with a housemade mustard dressing.

Homemade Cold Sarashina Soba with Sobayu and Assorted Tempura, part of the Summer Omakase Course ($100)

“If you’re looking to enjoy Japanese food with your favorite beverage, and hang out with friends and family, we’re here to welcome you,” says Rinka manager Midori Omura. “The goal is to provide a great meal, drinks and excellent customer service.”

Omura also recommends the Summer Omakase Course ($100), which comes with a variety of specials in one meal.

1001 Queen St, Honolulu, HI 96814

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