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November 14, 2021

Story By: Kyle Galdeira | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Bakery manager Julian Bohuny with some of Napoleon’s Bakery’s best offerings for the holidays and those “just-because” occasions.

Napoleon’s Bakery is rolling out delicious pies and an array of appropriately themed desserts that are sure to impress and satisfy many a craving at upcoming holiday get-togethers.

Pumpkin is utilized to perfection throughout the Napoleon’s Bakery line of featured items, which are sure to create a buzz around any autumnal celebration’s table, and are available throughout November as local families and friends gather to celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday, Nov. 25.

Dobash Cake ($16.75, 8 inches, shown; $13.95, 6 inches); Chantilly Cake ($15.75, 6 inches, shown; $23.15, 8 inches); and Rainbow Cake ($23.50, 8 inches, shown)

In addition to the traditional local favorite Pumpkin Pie ($12.75, available daily throughout the year), guests may indulge in “Flavors of the Month” including Pumpkin Chiffon Pie ($12.95, available Nov. 23-25, while supplies last), which offers a tasty twist on the traditional pumpkin pie with a light and creamy texture.

Napoleon’s Bakery also serves up the popular Pumpkin Bread Pudding ($2.20 per piece, available through Nov. 28). As Napo leon’s Bakery general manager Jan Tsukazaki explains, “Stop by and pick up a piece or two before preparing your holiday meal as this special bread pudding features fall flavors of pumpkin purée and dried cranberries.”

Apple Pie ($12.75) and Custard Pie ($12.75)

Napoleon’s Bakery is also rolling out its tantalizing Pumpkin Cheesecake ($20.95, available Nov. 19-28, while supplies last) and Pumpkin Coffee Cake Square ($2.45 each, available through Nov. 28), which offers diners the great taste of moist pumpkin cake that is accented with cream cheese filling. As a reminder, prices may vary by location.

“Our Pumpkin Cheesecake is a favorite Thanksgiving Week special; it’s creamy but light — it’s so easy to eat more than one piece at a time. For your afternoon pick-me-up snack, our Pumpkin Coffee Cake Squares are the perfect individual treat; actually, they’re good any time of day!” Tsukazaki says. “We offer that consistent, fresh-baked, homemade flavor and have the advantage of so many locations so one doesn’t need to drive far to get their favorite items.”

Jin Dui ($1.90 for three; $6.99 for 12) and Malasadas ($3.42 for three; $12.59 for 12)

Be sure to try the Hot ‘n Fresh selections at Napoleon’s Bakery, which are made to order. Malasadas ($3.42 for three pieces, $12.59 for a dozen) are a popular choice, as are Jin Dui ($1.90 for three pieces, $6.99 for a dozen). For large orders, please call ahead to one’s favorite location, and feel free to order a dozen while dining in so the sweet treats are ready following one’s meal.

It’s always a good time for pie, and Napoleon’s Bakery continues to serve up classic selections throughout the year, including Custard Pie ($12.75) and Apple Pie ($12.75).

These pie-licious choices also serve as ideal options for supplementing a Thanksgiving dessert lineup.

Those who prefer cakes over pies (or alongside them!) are in luck, as Napoleon’s Bakery also offers a wide range of options including Chantilly Cake ($23.15 for an 8-inch cake, $15.75 for a 6-inch cake), Dobash Cake ($16.75 for an 8-inch cake, $13.95 for a 6-inch cake) and Rainbow Cake ($23.50 for an 8-inch cake).

“Napoleon’s Bakery is very traditional. We occasionally experiment with new types of cakes for special occasions, like our recent Spam Musubi Cake, but diners can count on us to have the Dobash and Chantilly cakes they ate during their childhood days,” Tsukazaki says. “The newest cake on our list is the tropical Rainbow Cake as the passion fruit, guava and lime cake and matching fruit filling are topped with a rainbow of guava, passion fruit and lime glaze — attractive and refreshing for any celebration.

“Don’t forget the Butter Rolls for your Thanksgiving feast, as they will be available on Thanksgiving Eve and Day in limited quantities.”

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