Feasts fit for the holiday season

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November 15, 2020

Story By: Nicole Monton | Photos by: The Mandalay

Crispy Gau Gee Chow Mein ($13.95)

The Mandalay has long been known for its ability to accommodate large parties and celebrations in its grand dining area and private rooms, but with the emergence of COVID-19, those big gatherings have come to a halt. (Small groups can still dine-in, except for Thanksgiving Day and the day after.) While considered a hindrance to many, 2020 provided Larry and Linda Chan a chance to think outside the box to come out even stronger.

Indeed, the husband-and-wife duo behind The Mandalay have continued to grow and expand the restaurant’s offerings to further satisfy local families seeking authentic Chinese cuisine — something their daughters Christina Chan and Melissa Cardenas are extremely proud of.

Dim Sum Platter ($49)

“They found creative and innovative ways to provide our food to more people,” shares Christina.

Expect the same fantastic fare, including dim sum and entrée items, however, don’t forget to indulge in some new takeout set meals for Christmas and New Year’s. Make sure to order these holiday set meals as soon as possible because these feasts are selling out fast. In fact, The Mandalay’s Thanksgiving meals were sold out more than two weeks before the holiday!

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Steamed Fish Fillet with Ginger & Scallion ($16.95)

While these special menus aren’t set yet, the Chans assure that whatever they include will be tasty, enticing and affordable.

Popular as of late, meanwhile, is a Hong Kong-style Dim Sum Platter ($49) that comes with six pieces each of Shrimp Dumpling, Pork Dumpling, St. BBQ Pork Bun, Shrimp Chive Dumpling and Potstickers, as well as Gon Lo Mein.

“When COVID first hit and we reopened, we wanted to offer something for customers to take home,” explains Melissa.

Other notable dishes include the Crispy Gau Gee Chow Mein ($13.95) and Steamed Fish Fillet with Ginger & Scallion ($16.95) — both tried-and-true favorites that are sure to please.

While big parties are still on hold for now, the Chans and their daughters can’t wait to welcome everyone back when it’s deemed safe, since sharing a family-style meal is one of the hallmarks of a local celebration.

“We have some of the greatest memories through The Mandalay, like grad parties and weddings,” recalls Christina.

But even more than those celebrations is being able to see her parents work so hard for the nearly three decades in the local restaurant industry.

“Going back, they’ve worked their way up from bussers at a local Chinese restaurant here, and they had Eastern Garden and now The Mandalay,” she adds. “COVID was a trying time for them. They questioned themselves, and there was a lot of uncertainty to continue or not, but they’re dedicated, hard workers, and they’re committed to serving the people of Hawaii.”

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