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November 1, 2020

Story By: Paige Takeya |

BBQ Baby Back Ribs (price varies depending on size)

Buying a plate lunch — whether it is a mini or a regular — from Kau Kau Grill is, well, a commitment.

It’s a statement that declares, yes, you are ready to eat a heaping portion of protein — whether it be the sweet, saucy BBQ Baby Back Ribs; the smoky, savory Pulehu Beef Short Ribs; or the sinfully succulent Garlic Ahi (all items $10 mini, $13 regular) — along with a full bed of rice and salad.

Sometimes, depending on how big your appetite is, it might even be a declaration that you are ready to eat this for several meals. That’s how big the portions are, every day.

Two-choice combination plate
(price varies, depending on choices)

But co-owner Miles Oyasato has a simple tip to maximize your Kau Kau experience.

“Get a two-choice combo!” Every protein item on their menu, he says, can be combined into a two-choice plate for $18.

“A lot of people don’t read that part,” he laments.

So, if you’re indecisive about commitment, you can have your cake and eat it, too (or, in this case, both your ribs and your ahi).

And remember, if that’s not enough customization for you, white rice can be subbed out for Kau Kau Grill’s signature Krazy Rice (a spicy BBQ fried rice) for $1.50 a scoop, and you can choose between green and mac salad.

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