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A La Carte

October 4, 2020

Story By: Ginger Keller | Photos by: A. CONSILLIO

Mongolian Beef ($11.50)

Since entering the coronavirus era, a lot of restaurants had to tread in uncharted territory when required to offer takeout-only options. Fortunately, this is a field that Asian Mix knows well. Since its inception in 2012, the South Beretania Street eatery has provided locals with the best grab-and-go meals imaginable.

“The concept was location,” explains owner Daniel Leung. “Location is everything. Parking is very important. When they started building, I knew this was the perfect place. Right in the center of the town, next to the highway, and people can come here and get to-go food after work, and get in and out easily.”

Another thing Asian Mix excels in is preparing its famed duck offerings. In fact, it almost always sells out before closing time.

Hong Kong-style Roasted Duck with Funn Noodle Soup ($10.50)

“Today we sold out by 1 o’clock,” Leung says with a laugh.

The Hong Kong-style Roasted Duck with Funn Noodle Soup ($10.50), for example, is the perfect pairing. However, if funn noodles aren’t your favorite, it’s no big deal. There’s plenty of options to choose from, including skinny or rice noodles, and ramen. Although most items are offered a la carte, there are lots of starchy side selections to choose from, including classic steamed rice for only $1.

“We order the biggest duck from the wholesaler that they have,” says Leung.

“We also get the most expensive duck we can buy and it’s always from the same company. We don’t change plans.”

Consistency certainly is key at Asian Mix and that’s exemplified in its Orange-flavored Chicken ($10.50). The secret sauce glazes over chicken that’s cut and cooked to perfection.

“You want to cut the meat 1-inch in diameter and when you fry it, you don’t want to put a lot of batter,” says Leung. “You don’t want the batter to overpower the whole thing. You want like 80-90 percent chicken inside.”

Finally, the Mongolian Beef ($11.50) is not one to be missed. It comes with a whopping serving of beef (nearly a pound) decorated with green onions and bamboo shoots, all mixed up with oyster sauce, sugar and cooking wine.

“If you love beef, this is the dish for you,” adds Leung.

Every week, Asian Mix features a special at a discounted price (usually around $7.50). Call 521-1688 to check what’s cooking up in the kitchen for this week.

“You’re paying for way less but get the same amount of food, same chef and same cooking,” says Leung.

“People order food with the quality of an upscale dining place, but you’re charging them like a fast food place — even cheaper.”

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