Bringing Home the Bentos

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August 30, 2020

Story By: Nicole Monton |

Pork Katsu ($13.75)

September is right around the corner, and with the changing of the seasons comes a magnificent milestone for Restaurant Suntory. Come next month, the establishment will celebrate its 40th anniversary at its mainstay at Royal Hawaiian Center. As the shopping plaza’s only original tenant, Restaurant Suntory has made a name for itself with authentic Japanese cuisine that’s appealed to visitors and locals alike.

Its ability to change with the times and continue creating delicious food in the midst of making a temporary switch to takeout speaks to its longstanding status as the go-to place for Japanese-inspired meals in Waikiki.

Misoyaki Butterfish ($15.75)

At the heart of the newest takeout options — and all the dishes that grace the regular menu — is executive chef Go Kamikubo, who’s known for creating meals that are aesthetically and flavorfully pleasing.

“We’re going to offer these until the shutdown ends,” shares Aki Peters, chief financial officer of Restaurant Suntory. “Chef came up with these bentos so we could offer our customers something delicious during the shutdown.”

Chicken Karaage ($11.75)

Gracing the to-go list (see page 7) are customer favorites and some new additions straight from Restaurant Suntory’s regular menu.

Headlining the offerings is the U.S. Washugyu Bento ($19.75), well-loved for its tender slices of meat and superb preparation.

Though the standard fare isn’t available at this time, there’s something for everyone, including a Nigiri Sushi Bento ($19.75), Misoyaki Butterfish Bento ($15.75), Unagi-Ju Bento ($19.75) and Ebi Tenju Bento ($14.75) for those seeking some superb seafood.

Yaki Nikomi Hamburger ($14.75)

Also on the docket are bentos featuring Chicken Karaage ($11.75), Pork Katsu ($13.75), Ginger Pork ($14.75) and Garlic Fried Rice ($11.75).

Finally, now is the time to get your hands on a Yaki Nikomi Hamburger Bento ($14.75), which is one of chef Kamikubo’s special takeout-only creations. It’s a kamaaina dream come true and closely resembles a classic hamburger steak plate lunch with that iconic brown gravy.

“It’s not a regular item,” shares Peters. “We offered it during the first shutdown, and it was so popular.”

Bento Bliss

Restaurant Suntory offers a variety of takeout bentos:

• Chicken Karaage ($11.75)

• Ebi Tenju ($14.75)

• Garlic Fried Rice ($11.75)

• Ginger Pork ($14.75)

• Misoyaki Butter˚ sh ($15.75)

• Nigiri Sushi ($19.75)

• Pork Katsu ($13.75)

• Unagi-Ju ($19.75)

• U.S. Washugyu ($19.75)

• Yaki Nikomi Hamburger ($14.75)

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