A feast for the family

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August 30, 2020

Story By: Nicole Monton | Photos by: Kuhio Grille

Find kalua pig and cabbage

Treat everyone in your household to a mini Hawaiian-stye luau with a Kuhio Grille Ohana Meal ($50) that features three of the eatery’s famous 1-pound Laulaus (cut in half), kalua pig and cabbage, white rice, potato mac salad and haupia.

“We wanted to put together an option that offered one of our signature dishes,” says manager Lauren Araki. “We felt that putting it together as a package allowed us to offer it at a substantial discount.”

It feeds about four people, but if you’re in need of more food, or just want to indulge in another one of many Kuhio Grille specialties, a definite must-try is the Kanak Atak ($22.99) that comes with the 1-pound Laulau, kalua pig, lomi salmon, pickled onions, two scoops rice and haupia.

Helpings of the famous 1-pound Laulau in Kuhio Grille’s Ohana Meal ($50) that serves four.

There’s also the Fried Rice Loco ($11.99), which is a half order of Kuhio Grille’s famous fried rice, accompanied by a homemade hamburger patty, egg and homemade brown gravy all over. In the Taro Corned Beef Hash and Eggs ($10.49), expect a handmade corned beef hash patty with taro instead of potatoes.

“It gives it a nice local taste,” explains Araki. “I like it when its crispy with fried rice.”

You’ll notice that homemade is a common word across the Kuhio Grille menu, and the descriptor says a lot about the care and craftsmanship that goes into each dish.

For Kuhio Grille’s chicken katsu, the poultry is de-boned, seasoned and breaded in house, and the katsu sauce is also created from scratch.

“We use the bones to make our dashi for our saimin and the skin to make our secret menu item, crispy chicken skin. It’s so good with chili pepper water,” she continues. “We like to make things like how grandma used to.”

Everything — including the myriad daily-made desserts — is available for takeout, and Araki, and her sisters Erin and Shannon, just want everyone to come in to enjoy some good old-fashioned home cooking.

“We appreciate all of our community’s support,” adds Araki.

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