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May 17, 2020

Story By: Nicole Monton | Photos by: Kaneohe Pancake House

Roast Pork Loco Moco ($12.95)

Kaneohe Pancake House — formerly Koa Pancake House — has been a mainstay in the neighborhood since the late 1980s, serving the best breakfast and lunch foods to the community and beyond.

The family-owned business serves up arguably the most ono pancakes on the Windward side, but also has on the menu some savory meals that will quickly become your new favorite.

No. 1 on the sweet confectionary side are the Strawberry Whip Cream Pancakes ($11.95), which are topped with a generous serving of fresh strawberries that are marinated in sugar. It all sits atop a bed of Kaneohe Pancake House’s famous flapjacks that are known for their fluffy texture and huge portions.

Fried Rice Loco Moco ($12.95)

On the savory side, the Fried Rice Loco Moco ($12.95) is a tried-and-true fave that’s made all the more special by the homemade burger patties and gravy. The foundation of the dish is the house fried rice — a simple recipe, says Jason — that comes with the basics like ham, green onions, oyster sauce, shoyu and more.

Though straightforward in terms of ingredients and preparation, there’s just something special about the local-style starch that makes it one of the top sellers alone or as the main ingredient in something like the aforementioned Fried Rice Loco Moco.

Kaneohe Kalbi & Vinha d’alhos Combo ($14.95)

“We sell a lot of fried rice,” says the restaurant’s Jason Sung.

There are also a couple of specials that are available only during the takeout-only period that combines some Kaneohe Pancake House favorites for a double serving of tasty goodness.

The Kaneohe Kalbi & Vinha d’alhos Combo ($14.95) brings together two of the pancake house’s ultimate best-sellers.

Strawberry Whip Cream Pancakes ($11.95)

The dish comes with two hearty pieces of kalbi and a good-sized portion of vina dosh — all with two scoops of rice and your choice of mac or potato salad.

Another temporary menu offering is the Roast Pork Loco Moco ($12.95) that’s been running on special during this takeout-only time.

“They’ll probably run until dine-in opens up again,” explains Sung of the two meals.

When the restaurant does resume sit-down dining, longtime fans can look forward to modernized renovations, and Sung notes that the old wood elements of the original Koa Pancake House hasn’t changed.

“Come, check out the new menu and the new look of our establishment,” he adds.

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