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July 22, 2019

Story By: Kyle Galdeira |

Redondo’s sausages can be enjoyed in a number of ways with fries or rice, and whatever spice!

In honor of National Hot Dog Month, which continues throughout July, what better way to celebrate than by enjoying a locally made, delicious Redondo’s hot dog — or better yet, a couple of them.

Redondo’s was founded by Frank Redondo as a food processing company situated in the Kapahulu area 70 years ago. Since initially opening in 1949, the factory relocated near Honolulu International Airport before making its way to the current Waipahu location, which was expanded and renovated in 1993.

Redondo’s franks comprise locally grown and raised grass-fed cattle without any additives, antibiotics or nitrates. Redondo’s products are available at all major Hawaii grocery stores as well as Sam’s Club and Costco, locally.

Over the past seven decades, local diners have come to count on Redondo’s as the largest sausage producer in the state, and Hawaii residents and visitors alike still clamor for the Hawaiian Winners, Portuguese Sausage and Pipi Kaula — just a few of the must-try specialties produced by Redondo’s.

When it comes to hot dogs, Redondo’s is definitely top dog as the flavor and variety available can’t be beat — that’s why Redondo called them Winners!

The company offers a plethora of flavors including Redondo’s Smoked Uncured Beef Franks, Redondo’s Hawaiian Winners and Redondo’s Arabiki Original. (Arabiki also comes in cheesy and spicy varieties.) PHOTO BY LAWRENCE TABUDLO

Hawaiian Winners, 16-ounce red hot dogs, feature that recognizable color because that’s how Redondo wanted it. The secret formula has been used since Day 1, and it’s still kept safe and secure as a hand-written recipe. Customers claim that the Hawaiian Winners taste the best “when grilled at the beach, you can’t beat ’em!” The Redondo’s team also suggests using the hot dogs in pork-and-beans dishes with a shoyu sugar base to accent the tantalizing flavors.

A classic and favorite preparation of Redondo’s renowned hot dogs is in a bun with your favorite condiments! The ideal fill up, especially during a beach, backyard or any barbecue. PHOTO BY LAWRENCE TABUDLO

Traditional 16-ounce Franks are also popular and use the same formula, only without the red color, as are the 16-ounce Teriyaki Winners that incorporate a local shoyu-sugar blend for a unique local flair.

Redondo’s also makes 12-ounce Aloha Aina Beef Franks from locally grown and raised grass-fed cattle without additives, antibiotics or nitrates for a delicious farm-to-table product. The taste profile mirrors the Hawaiian Winners with an all-beef complexion.

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