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A La Carte

April 14, 2019

Story By: Caroline Wright |

Peking Duck ($20 half, $38 whole). File photo

Chinese cuisine has a long, storied history, filled with symbolism and steeped in delicious tradition. As co-owner of The Mandalay, one of Honolulu’s finest Chinese restaurants, Larry Chan travels to China on a regular basis, dining at some of the country’s finest restaurants, fine-tuning and sometimes adding special dishes when he returns to Honolulu.

Tweaked to perfection, The Mandalay’s Peking Duck (half-duck, $20; whole duck, $38) is a classic delicacy. Its presentation is a showstopper: the crispy, aromatic duck, accompanied by snowy-white steamed buns and plum sauce, is brought to the table and served with a flourish.

Seafood with Vegetables in Taro Basket ($21 small, $38 large), has been perfected over the years in The Mandalay’s kitchens. Shredded taro is fashioned into a nest and deep-fried, then filled with fresh veggies and shrimp, calamari, scallops and fish.

“As always, our dim sum is freshly hand-made every day, and served daily till 5 p.m.,” adds Chan. “We don’t do traditional dim sum carts.

If you want a pork dumpling, we steam it fresh!”

The Mandalay offers banquet facilities and private rooms, and free parking with validation Monday to Friday after 5 p.m. and all day Saturday and Sunday.

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